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Monday, July 2, 2012

My Little June Bug

There has been some up and downs the past couple of days, but my little June Bug is getting bigger  sweeter, cuter and more beautiful. I will have to say Lyell has helped more than he knows (he keeps saying he still feels like he is not helping). We have been trying to get out of the house at least once every other day. This is mainly for my own sanity...and it helps that we have some great people in our lives. Amanda came and visited with donuts in hand, Lyell's boss brought a home cooked meal one night, Lyell's grandmother did the same, my mom came and just held Elliott while we took a nap, Lana brought me my favorite chick-fil-a and Laura came and set up Elliott's playground. All of these things (and many more) have helped so much. There was even a night where Elliott thought we were having a  grunting slumber party and wanted to stay up all night long. So I was dreading last night extra hard, and she only woke up once and went straight back to sleep after and quick change and feeding..What!!! Super excited. We celebrated by going shopping for some vacation clothing. Though Ellie sleep straight through it, I had fun.

Elliott~ I hope I am doing a good job being your mom for the first month of your life. You are all ready in three month clothing at three weeks old, so at least I know I am feeding you well. You are already smiling at your daddy and almost stop scratching your own face (well that one is because your mother finally got brave enough to cut your fingernails). I love your little bellie, kissing your neck, smelling your little milk breath, holding your hand when it flailing around. I am trying to take it all in, and it is truly going by so fast. XOXO

Ellie holding her great grandfathers silver cup that Lana has graciously passed down.

Our First little walk around the block

Visiting Aunt Lo at her new home...I can already see slumber parties happening here.

First real bath...Pretty much as soon as her umbilical cord fell off.

Late nights...

Visiting her G.G. 

Bentley like tummy time more than E

A fun Saturday night visiting Lillie & AJ

Cutest Smile Ever

Finally sleeping on her ... (no name just yet) grandmother.

There has been two occasions that we have tried to give Elliott formula. Once because she was still hungry in the middle of the night and I didn't have anything to give her (drank about one ounce). The second time was to see if she was really hungry or just using me as a pacifier/comforting boob pillow. As you can tell not interested at all. YES, she is still just crying wolf just to use me :) 

Latisha came by and Ally was about 50% interested in Ellie. Mainly interested in making sure her mommy knew where she stood :) Love her.

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