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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

2nd Birthday Party...A Blue One!

At Ellie's request...she wanted a Blue Birthday Party. 





Edwin: Three and Four Months

My Sweet Baby Win,

    The time had gone by so fast. I use to say that with your sister but now I really don't have enough minutes in the day to give you all the snuggles in the world AND blog. The the latter part has been incognito...like super nonexistent. Geez, I am feeling mommy guilt like crazy right now. Most of the winter sickness had left our house and I am hoping the long summer nights let us spend more time together. After several formula and medication changes, we are seeing more smiles and longer naps from you. Though I must point out, you are not even closer to sleeping through the night so there is room for improvement.

^^ Three Month Giraffi Pictures^^

You can roll over from front to back.

You chew on your hands pretty much all the time.

You love your aunt Laura. Like, I thought Ellie and Laura had a great bond...Umm, wow. You light up like a Christmas tree when you see her. Kinda makes me jealous.You spend your weekdays with Nanny and Aunt Laura and they are both great. It makes me feel a peace when I am at work knowing you are in good hands.

You are a pacer. Sitting down with you is a big no-no. Must walk the floors in the evening. I think its a characteristic from me. If I'm on the phone, I could seriously make a walking path through the house.

You love your jumper...for about 15 minutes and then you realize no one is walking around with you.

You love your sister like something fierce. She goes to you every morning and says "good morning baby Win" and you flash that great big body smile. Your eyes always follow her around like a hawk. Probably to make sure she isnt fixing to poke you in the eye.

 Four month stats: You are 17.5 lbs (91% <--- Because you wont miss a meal to save your life) and you are in the 29% in height. So you really are my little round sweet pea. We talked to Dr. White about all the great things about you and the things your mommy and daddy need help on. Its true that no child is a like. We even got the green light for you to sleep on your stomach (which we have been doing but its nice to know we won't get into trouble). Most of your tummy issues will fade away in the next couple of months and your body starts to mature.So hang on buddy, life is only getting sweeter...especially with you in it.

 ^^ Four Month Giraffi Pictures^^

You have recently become a honorary member of Nanny club "The Big Hearted Women". I was nervous you would be cranky the one time Nanny took you to her Bible study...Oh no... you charmed the pants off of the little ladies. 

Within the last few days, you have really started cooing. 

We have started solids and you are not to sure about them. You prefer to just sit in the middle of the table and watch Ellie eat. 

Bath time is usually a go to when becoming cranky. Especially when they are one on one with mommy at the sink.

Still not a pacifier lover like your sister. Which is totally fine with me because weening your sister off hers has been issue. OK, OK...a nightmare.  

I thank the Lord for you every evening and every morning when we wake up. Love you to the moon and back buddy.