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Saturday, December 28, 2013

What does Santa Say?

What does Santa say? Ho Ho Ho...Has been our theme the entire month. We were overwhelmed by the Christmas season and all the wonderful gifts that were given to us. Ellie must have been pretty good this year. 

A family ritual that I am trying to pass down...making cookies for Santa. My sibling and I take this pretty seriously. I took the easy way out this year, but Ellie didn't seem to mind at all.

^^ Trying to see if I was looking ^^

 ^^ Ellie stood there with her fingers in her nose for a few minutes...She finally came around^^^

 ^^ Reading in her new house at Nanny & Papas ^^

^^ Looking at the "gobble gobbles" in the back yard ^^

 ^^ We eat Christmas cupcakes for lunch at GiGi's ^^

^^That is some pure Christmas Joy right there^^ 

^^Ellie has been trying to wear daddy's orioles hats...now she has her own^^ 

^^^ Lyell received a refurbished "Grandpa Time"...a special memory that he has with his Dad. 
Brought tears to his eyes and cant wait to start the tradition with our kiddos. 
I'm trying to catch up on this 80s phenomenon I must have missed. ^^^

All in all, I wouldn't change a single thing about this Holiday season. Anyone can get easily stressed about...well, a lot. I loved every present I got my loved ones and I loved everything they got me and my little family. My cup runneth over. 

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christmas Cheer

Before I bombard you with posts of Christmas cheer and all the wonderful things Ellie received from Santa and our loved ones...I thought I would share this first. I have mentioned before that my brother Michael lived in Uganda for a while. Well he made some wonderful friends there and he does a wonderful job trying to stay in touch with our "new extended family".  After all the presents were opened, tummies stuffed and hugs were given out...I received a "cc" of Michael's email he was sending to Dickens. I was a nice way to end the day...Merry Christmas from the Robinsons.

Dickens and Family, 

......They have sent you, Prossy, and Laker a video to show you what Christmas is like here in America and to remind you how important you are to us. As a gift to your family, my Mom and Father have sent you some serious Shilling!! We hope that it makes your Christmas a little brighter. (I will send you the details in the next email)

Here, as we live far north of the equator, Christmas is more than a religious ceremony, or a display of wealth, or a celebration of who gets the best gift; Christmas is a reminder that even in the darkest and coldest of days, we can be warmed by the love of each other. You may be happy to watch this video, but what I know for sure is that our "Robinson Christmas" was made so much warmer by making it for you.

Hope you enjoy.

With love,


(Please note my favorite parts are my mom licking the spoon and the ugly squirrel ornament that my brothers put on the tree every year to annoy their older sister)

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Wordless Wednesday: 18 month photo session

Here are some of my favorites:

And lastly...My favorite! A large print has been ordered as a Christmas present to ME! Don't you just love Lane's work??? She did such a wonderful job in my opinion. Happy Wednesday Everyone. One week till Christmas. Eeek.

Friday, December 13, 2013

18 Months

Ellie~ You love giving your Dad a big hug and kiss before he heads off for the night.

Baaa boooon = "Balloon" is probably my favorite word you say.

Finally can say Mommy "Momm-meee"

Favorite Foods: Spaghetti, Blueberries (which are getting hard to find), Cheerios, Bananas, French Toast sticks, Milk

Words you can say: Mommy, Daddy, Nanny, Papa, LaLa (Aunt Laura), B (Uncle Brain), B (Bentley..sorry Brian), G, Milk, Bike, Ball, Shoes, Yes, No, Gigi, G-Daddy, Eat, Baby, Truck, Bear, Dog. Maybe more... lots of animal sounds and several signs.

Here is a video I took a little over a month ago...

Eating habits have been crazy. You would rather snack all day long instead of eating dinner. One night you woke up at 3 AM, asking for a snack. Ummm, no. I will see you in the morning.

You are starting to be a big girl, follow directions and want to help...

We signed you up for music class. I think you really like it. I just read another article of the benefits music can bring to your age group... I really can see why. I also did it just for us to have something to do while your Dad is at his study groups and some Mommy bonding time.

Elliott Annabelle, you love shoes. I feel like I have mentioned this in earlier posts but this fascination has grown into an obsession. You have more shoe than me!!

You had a blast putting jingle bells on your first tree in your bedroom...

You love to brush your teeth.

Thanksgiving weekend was a treat because we had our Boston family come in and spend some time with us. I can't really put into words the bond you and Devon already have. He is truly a great big cousin to look up to. We are already planning our trip up there after your brother is born.

For my birthday, I wanted to add a Mommy and Me session to your photo shoot. I cant wait to see more...

I love you to the moon and back baby girl.