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Tuesday, June 18, 2013


Paint: Thin Ice
Shelf: Ikea (old)
Chair and Ottoman: Land of Nod
Chalkboard: Vintage
Pennant banner: DIY Felt from hobby lobby sewn together
Kitchen: Ikea
Berry Baskets: Sweet Lulu Baskets and Egg Cartons
Bird Mobile: Flight of Fancy
Canvas Buckets: Pottery Barn Kids (Last season)
Play Tunnel: Ikea
Window Decor: DIY Felt Circle Garland and Hand Painted Holgas bought locally or at her etsy account.

As you can tell, we love all the B. toys. E got a bunch of new B. toys from her birthday party last week. You can purchased them all at Target or check them out HERE.

Playroom Rules: NONE...Ok, dont kill Bentley.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Sweet Little Nothings: 12 months

Onnie pictures in the chair are starting to get semi dangerous  We may or may not have tried to dive off the chair a few times but at least mommy got a few shoots. We might find a new location if we continue :)

Dear Elliott,

 I probably should have started this letter a long time ago because I am completely drawing a blank. White canvas syndrome. Leaning more toward utter denial. I have some how blinked a few times this past year and this real person has bloomed right in front of my eyes. I used to almost roll my eyes when people would smile at me holding a little bitty you and plead with me, "She will be grown before you know it". OK! Whatever... But there is much truth in that. The nights of waking up several times, rolling over for the first time and cooing seem light years away from the little girl giving me hugs and kisses. All within a year. Your father and I were talking the other night about family and life. I think he hit the nail on the proverbial head when he said, " I am content. Its like she was exactly what we were missing all along". 
 A year ago today is when I saw you face to face for the first time. Best introduction ever. I've never written about my labor with you in these sweet little nothings. There was nothing dramatic about your entrance that I'm hiding. But I like to keep that one private. The beauty of a human entering this world and taking that first breath is really not something I can verbalize. Its a beauty I can only remember feeling and experiencing. I don't ever have to write it down. Its something I will never forget, etched in my heart forever. But as the months went by, I wanted to write down the little things. The things that make life worth living and laughing about. Your love for elmos, birds, lights and dance parties. Squeal when the bath water comes on. Time will fly on and I these little things will slowly fade. Always come back to this and know you were an awesome baby. I could not have been blessed with anyone more perfect that you. The first year of your life has been so magical to watch as your mother. Happy first birthday Elliott."You are exactly what we need and what was missing all along." 

Love, Mom

Oh the giggles you make when da-da makes you laugh. You are one big daddy's girl.

You love all types of food. Blueberries are the top request at the moment. You also love the spinach smoothies your Aunt Lo makes. Like jump up and down squeal because we cant shovel it into your mouth fast enough. 

We had a little birthday party at your school. We brought cupcakes and balloons and maracas to give to your friends. You were a bit confused at first because we were not hauling ass to get out of there. What? Ok, so you guys are going to stay here while I eat this cupcake super fast?? Cool. 

You have taken a few steps on your own. The most is 6 at the moment. Usually its two and then you dive into someones lap. You prefer your walker or anything that will walk with you. I think we might have to cut you off cold turkey because I know you can do it. 

Music is still a favorite of yours.  Top album this month is Daft Punk. You seriously dance hard.

You love to hug baby dolls.

You still put everything in your mouth. If I catch you doing it and tell you to stop and give it to mommy. You will. Shocked and pretty pumped you listen to my one demand :) 

You love your Uncle G. We have been working on letters and you immediately sounded out "ga". So I am pretty sure you will say every family members name before mama is even a priority. {I am just chalking it up to...there is no need to learn my name,  I am  always there for her when she needs me. Right? Cause I am awesome like that? }

We go the the doctor next week, so I am very excited to see your stats. Until then....

Wednesday, June 12, 2013