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Saturday, September 26, 2015

Jackson's Orchard

I had one of my cousins suggest Jackson's Orchard is Bowling Green. It was a grand slam Saturday morning for us! Highly suggest it for anyone wanting to pick their own apples and pumpkins. Not to mention the apple BBQ sandwich was so yummy! Happy Fall!! 

Friday, August 28, 2015

Ellie sayings 2015

This will probably make little or no sense to anyone but our immediate family. But they are also unforgettably funny and I don't ever want to forget these sweet sayings.

"How was your good day?"

"You got a special treat for me or supin'?" -everytime I pick her up from school

"Hey mom, I wipe so so good!" -when she has gone to the bathroom and she doesn't not want me to check and rewipe her. 

Bedtime ritual:
"I need two...five more books for my bed"
"I need some ice water"
"I read a book for you?"
"Lay with me two more minutes"
"My tummy hurts real bad"
"My ice not freeze in my cup". (Ice has melted)
Me: "ellie, if I have to come in here one more time your pink light gets turned off" knowing that is the ultimate punishment, she falls down on her pillow in defeat and in a teenage, eye rolling voice says "OKAY"

Eating dinner with Nanny and YaYa one Monday night, Nanny starting telling us how such a good girl Ellie was for her over the weekend. Ellie responded questions "where was I a good girl, in the kitchen or supin'?"

"Up Town Funky Butt"

"Win is so stinky"

"When I was in your belly, was I in the blood or just under your shirt?"

She has several questions about heaven and people passing away. I have always thought I would be very open and honest with her but death can be a scary thing...even for adults. This mostly comes her figuring out that mommy works at papa's funeral home. She has asked about cemeteries, services, how people die and "cemetery beds" (caskets). I try to be very vague and mostly "the circle of life" with my answers. So one day while driving in the car...
Ellie: " They sky is so blue and pretty but i cant see heaven yet"
Me: "You cant see it baby but its there and its beautiful too"

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Once Upon a Dream...Ellie's 3rd Birthday

Ellie's obsession with Maleficent started a few months before her third birthday. After spending the night with G-Daddy and Sheena, she kept talking about "Sleeping Beauty". After talking the Sheena, I realized it was Maleficent that was watched. We ended up buying it on iTunes (it really is an awesome movie.)Then the spiral of loving all things Maleficent started. So this was a no brainer for me when it came time for a theme.

I borrowed my moms spinning wheel for the main centerpiece. Doesn't every family just have an old spinning wheel heirloom in the corner of their parents house? Thank goodness we do! Then I used my old baby doll bed my great grandfather made me as the cake stand. The banners where made out of old Sleeping Beauty golden books. I actually keep it all pretty calm...for ME. I made the cupcake toppers to finish out the theme with Wilton crown molds and homemade maleficent horns. Ellie's party fell on her actual birthday which made for a special day all the way around. She loved that all her favorite people came. We are so blessed to have a great family and wonderful friends.

Corny Signs I forgot to take pictures of : "Please Prince Phillip Your Cup" and "Prick Your Finger-Licking-Good Pizza"...Haha...I love how annoying I am.

Monday, June 1, 2015


Our first pit stop was the Atlanta Aquarium 

^^I asked Ellie to pose for me...she decided the yoga tree pose was most fitting^^

After the playground and a few more stops...Win would not sleep in the car so we stopped in Lake City, FL. I never saw this so called Lake...should be called Shady City, FL. But we finally made it. 

We were right out side of the Ariel. Ellie loved it. 

We spent the afternoon at the splash pad at the resort. I seriously need one of this in my backyard. 

Fultons for Lyell's birthday dinner. The food was amazing and when we were getting up to leave, a family came up to Lyell and me to comment how well behaved our kids were. Our response was, "Well Thank You. They didn't even take naps so it must be a Disney Miracle."

^^Win could wait for a picture, he wanted to dive right into Daddy's birthday dessert. ^^

The kids loved Dumbo...We rode it three times.

Monsters, Inc. Laugh Floor was one of my Fastpass choices. Weird one, I know. But Ellie loves Monsters, Inc and we really had no clue what to expect. It ended up being a interactive comedy show where they would pick people in the audience to play along. Low and behold, Ellie was picked to be Boo, the main little girl in the movie!! Ellie was flashed up on screen several times throughout the performance. Lyell captured the end credits. It was one of our highlights of the whole trip for sure. Ellie walked around the rest of the day acting like she was a movie star. 

Poor guy got three teeth and an ear infection during our trip. He was a trooper though. 

^^ Win might have fallen asleep but Ellie kept on dancing throughout the day^^

I was a magical day.

Our next day was spent heading our to Park Fare and had brunch with some charaters.

And what we all have been waiting for...Win meeting Winnie the Pooh. I mean, come on, it was the cutest thing I have seen to date!!!

We explored some more. Went to Downtown Disney for some shopping and one last night swim. 

^^ We bought a little Fuji polaroid camera for me and Lyell Ellie. I scanned in a few we all took on the trip...
It really was a wonderful trip. Yes, we might have been crazy for taking a one and two year old. We took it slow. One Magic Kingdom day, one resort day and one character day...its all they could have handled anyway. I know they won't remember anything. But I will. And Lyell will. And it was magical!! I may or may not  have already started planning our next trip for when Win turns three. We learned some things too...next time we will be flying. No question. Its not a small world after all on a 13 hour drive with two toddlers :)