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Monday, July 30, 2012

Few of my Favorite Things...

1. Pacifiers ~ There is no rhyme or reason to which one she likes. We have several brands and several styles..but she wants them! She cant seem to keep them in her mouth. Sometimes I just sit for (what feels like) hours sticking it back in her mouth over and over again. Is it child abuse to secretly want to tape the thing to her FACE? 

2. Playmat ~ Elliott laughs and kicks waving her arms around when playing in her gym. I guess all play gyms are similar but I like this one because you can move the pieces around to your liking and there are flashing lights that will mesmerize her for hours (OK, for about 10 minutes).

3. Mud Pie Socks~ Socks, really? Maybe this one is for me...but Elliott can not keep socks on to save her baby life. What is up with baby socks? They are short and fat and annoy me. There are two kinds of socks that will stay on this girls feet, Circo Newborn and Mud Pie socks. Latisha gave Elliott her first pair and it a top on my list to purchase even more. They sale them at Lizards and Lace or little boutiques. 

4. Her Favorite Toys~ So obviously I am just taking a stab in the dark to what she really likes. These two darling toys are noisy and she laughs at them. Sophie the Giraffe makes me smile myself...here is a little video of why I love her so. The rainmaker was a present from Elliott's Aunt Lana so I am not quit sure where she got it but it should be on everyone's gift list.

5. Bath Time ~ Elliott loves taking baths and just being in the water. We have even done two baths in one day just because it calms her so much. Today she even was opening her mouth trying to drink the water Lyell was pouring on her. Crazy thing!!!

6. Rock N Play~ This is her bed for the time being. I have read the recalls and I personally don't care what others say. She loves it, I feel comfortable with her sleeping in it, it helps with her reflux and she sleeps longer in it than any other place (well maybe my arms). We are doing one nap a day in her crib, so we will make it to her room when we are both ready. 

7. Aden + Anais Swaddle Blankets ~ I feel like these are everywhere now and THEY SHOULD BE. I have several different kinds, but the basic muslin swaddles from Target are my favorite. They are so light weight and it leaves no one with sweaty arms and heads. I also purchased the expensive bamboo ones that are only sold in specialty stores (I got mine at Pickles and Ice Cream). They are ow so soft but too pricey in my opinion.

That's all for now...

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