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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Deliciously Bitten...Tane Organics

OK. I randomly sent Ellie's picture off to a local photographer who had the opportunity to shoot a clothing company's spring line. They sent all the images off to New York...and Ellie was the one that got picked! I was geeking...hard. Did I google baby models? Yes. Afterwards, will I do it again? Probably not. OK, Maybe.

Ellie is a very good baby. I mean, hell, she even wakes up from naps smiling away. Even with nothing to compare it to, I go on others telling me that she is a good baby. I thought to myself, Ellie has got this in the bag. I was even telling her that all the sickness and vomiting she did in December was her slimming down for her first modeling gig. (Side note: She did lose some weight and I promise I will never say that to a kid that understands what I am actually saying). Anyways....

The day of the photo shoot...

she woke up crying

with the worst diaper rash (like, she had never even had it before until that day), 

a rash on her arm 

and separation anxiety in full force. 

I am mean, damn. This kid just knows when to call her mama a liar. I calmly did our routine and keep my fingers crossed that as the day progressed, she would be fine. The time came and it was not too terrible  She could have been much better. I ran around like a crazing looking chicken singing stupid songs that make her laugh. Laura got to come with us (crazy Robertson County snow days) and that helped too. 

Do I think my daughter is beautiful? YES. Am I a little bias? YES. But I will say its nice to know that someone from the Big Apple thought my daughter was beautiful too and loved her to be apart of their fashion journey. 

I am smitten over the clothing line. Tane Organics. I can not wait to purchase some of the things Ellie modeled. We did get compensated for our time with a gift card to the clothing company and a free shoot with the photographer. Its what I am most excited about. She did a beautiful job. See her work here, Lane Proffitt Photography

Here is what Tane has published on the website and facebook:

Monday, February 25, 2013

Bows, Headbands, Clips...Oh My

So Ashley asked me a simple question earlier tonight. Where to find no slip barrettes? Two hours later...Ellie has some new hair dos. This is a perfect example of how I get really obsessed with something and get tunnel vision. Some of these I had "pinned" a while back, some were ones that I had booked marked when I found out I was having a girl, some are exciting new wishlist items and the purple felt flowered is my favorite etsy purchase by far and was in Ellie's newborn shoot. So many many more on my list, I had to narrow it down. So without further adieu...

Thanks Ashley :)

Sunday, February 24, 2013

February Wrap Up

I seriously cant believe this is the last week of February. I am not quite sure what made this fly by, but I really need to order Ellie's Easter basket....What? Ummm, yeah. Easter is in March this year.

This weekend was low key since it was jam packed last weekend. Richard, Lana and Devon came in last weekend and we spent as much time with them as possible. Devon and Ellie with out a doubt, loved each other. Devon was so good with Ellie and if he has anything to do with it...Ellie will be a Star Wars fanatic also. (There are pictures of baby girl with a lightsaber coming soon). Lana had a get together for Devon's TN birthday party. I cant believe my little guy is 6.

And lets not forgot, though I don't think Richard would let us... Elliott Annabelle Sloan is IN LOVE with her Uncle Richard. Its so true I couldn't even make it up.

And we learned how to clap our hands...Now we do it all the time. 
Especially when I am trying to feed Ellie and pureed sweet potatoes go every where. 

Pretty Park Days. Oh, I cant wait for the summer and we can stay a little longer than we already do. 


I randomly found a "throw away" camera in my car. I was pretty pumped thinking it would have a hidden treasure of images and memories I forgot about and would flood back to me. Well, that didn't happen. It was some random sunset pictures and self portraits. Self Portraits that are basically the equivalent to cell phone mirror pictures now. I have some questions for my 2007 self...like whats up with the popping of my collar?

Friday, February 22, 2013

Hide & Seek ... ET Style

Lyell had a test last night, so its just been us girls for the last couple of days. So this is what happens when you get board and it is not bed time just yet. Introducing Ellie's new favorite game. Get hidden like ET with her stuffed animals. Happy Friday everyone.


Speaking of ET...Lyell and I saw this at Toys'R'Us  last week and were both confused by any kid actually wanting this: Its basically a overly large, four fingered, old man hand.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Sweet Little Nothings: 8 Months


This last picture is still cracking me up. I want to eat you up, I love you so.

You have started signing!  We are so excited. All the signing we have done since you were  5 months old is starting to pay off. Here are two little videos. One of you signing milk and one is where you must be very hungry because you are signing more before you even finish the first bite. Your Nanny and teachers help with this too. I am hoping this opens up our communication earlier than talking will. I have already started getting more words ready to add to our everyday conversations. {Side note: I understand that some people are against signing because they think it with slow down Ellie's verbal communication when the time comes. I have read a lot about the pros and cons and we feel confident in moving forward. If she is any child of mine, I don't think she will have a issue with talking up a storm or telling you like it is.}

You are officially in 12 months PJs. Its too sad for this mama. You look way too grown up in anything that isn't a footed sleeper.

You have four teeth now. The second top tooth just broke through this week.

I think its safe to say you are going to have blue eyes.

You are really interacting with your toys more and more. You light up whenever you make a toy sing/ make noise.

After going through all the basic level one foods, we are starting to explore different brands and different combinations. You are loving the organic apple, blueberry and spinach combo.

You love the sounds the X-box makes. Its super crazy cute. You to get so excited when we go through the main menu options.

I am particularly proud to say that I did feed you Mac & Cheese just a few days ago. A small step in motherhood, a giant leap for Katherine-kind.

Your father loves your yogurt melts. He always finds a way to be the one to give them to you...and end up with a handful himself.

As always, bath time is a highlight of your day. I have started saying "One, two....THREE" while turning on the water. You literally jump off my lap with excitement. 

After bath time things get interesting. At first, you get a little upset. I think you could live in the tub, pruney fingers and all. We distract you by playing hide and seek. Then we MUST go through your basket of goodies on the changing table. I have a feeling we will be adding lip gloss and jewelry sooner than later. 

AND...Ellie, you crawled for the very first time TONIGHT. Like, I made your dad upload the video immediately. What finally got you moving you ask? The x-box remote! And I repeat, a total daddy's girl.

Some nights when I lay you down to sleep, and I question everything. And some nights, I lay you down, give you a kiss and know that I am doing something right. Happy Eight months Elliott. You have such an effect on me.  I feel like we have a gravitational pull that will never keep us apart. Like the sun and the moon. My brightness is only just a reflection of you baby girl.