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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Why So Serious?

Two in one night…I must NOT have cable!!

On to lighter subjects..I thought I would share a few things I have been playing with this week. So, I gave up facebook for lent. Might sound super sad that I spent so much time on it to begin with and that it is one of the number 1 items up for letting go for 40 days... But it always seemed like I really needed to see pictures of people I haven’t seen in 10 years and read if anyone had anything intelligent to say for the day. I was also having some personal issues on facebook and decided last weekend (before I knew it was a popular for lent) that this was my only clean escape for the blinding reality of nothingness.

So not being on facebook has really brought new websites to the forefront.  I got an invite (after asking to be asked) to a website Pinterest. I didn’t think it was going to change my life but I have found some really neat things that I might have never seen before (kinda like stumle.com but in a visual pin board type way). For example:

 I am having a yellow-themed girly party next month and I have found …Sophisticated Jello shots…how fun!

A super-fun-engagement-photo idea for a couple (Gina & Adam) I am shooting this summer who LOVES to play board games…

Random goals for this weekend..I am going to try to make some pretty hanging plants for my front porch. Lets see if I follow through?

Non-Profit Ramblings

 About a year ago, I had the pleasure of being invited to be on the board for a non-profit, FRWC.  After several meetings, I am now the treasurer for the Financial Resources for Women & Children. It is a wonderful group of ladies spread throughout the US who really care a lot about the domestic violence issues we face.  What do we do? We provide knowledge for women who might have never even balanced a check book before (the control of money is top sign with domestic violence).

 I have always been knowledgeable with Domestic Violence. As all of you probably know, my father is a Domestic Violence Judge in Nashville. So I have been well versed in the facts and statistics. My step-grandmother, Lana, has also had a strong hand in these issues.  She has been on the board with the Nashville Coalition of Domestic Violence. She also started a Domestic Violence Campaign with her General Federation Women Club that went National. Enough with my bragging… I am just glad that I get to a part of another facet that make women stronger , independent and worthy.

Even with all my knowledge, I didn’t realize some issues that women face that our group steps in and helps with. So “she”  has become brave enough to leave…she has become brave enough to stand up for herself…brave enough to go court…brave enough to show her children that she is better than that…brave enough to not go back. A shelter / safe place can only help you for so long and then you have to make a plan for yourself. This is a scary step that several people tend to look over. What if “she” needs a car, down payment on an apartment, loan for education, school supplies for her children? FRWC to the rescue!!! (short-weird-Katherine version)

Here is a picture of us at retreat we all went on last September…all wonderful people and I am so glad to stand beside them.