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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Sip & See

My sweet sister threw Elliott and me a Sip & See. Some have never heard of such...its basically a little get together to see the baby a month or two after birth. We had our little swaray at Laura's new home. I personally was feeling bad because she just moved in, but Brian and Laura kicked it in high gear and had their house so perfect and ready for the mingle. It was a "drop by" anywhere between 1-4. At 12:55, Laura was starting to freak out that no one was coming. Really, who shows up not only early but right on time to these things? LOL

And if you want to back up... Around 9 that morning, Elliott was screaming, spitting up everywhere, and  I didn't even think I was going to brush my hair before the event. I text mom stating that Elliott was going to be horrible and this was going to be a disaster. Mom text me back saying even little babies crying are cute and you will be the only one effect by this...brush your hair and come on. And she was totally right. Elliott was great. She only cried a few times and no one seemed to mind but me. I have the bestest sister. I am blessed she cares so much for me and even more for my daughter. In my little "thank you" bag I gave Laura, it had some nail polish along with some other goodies. I told her it is for when Ellie comes and has girly slumber parties at her auntie lo's house :)

The only thing I am upset with is that I did not take ANY pictures during the party. I am so bummed...but I have a LOT of photos of all the neat food Laura made...did I mention she is the bestest? Thank you for all of you that came (we had about 23ish wonderful ladies)...It makes me feel loved that you took time out of your weekend to come see me and meet Elliott. AND I am sorry there are no pictures

 Yes, those would be cheesecake stuffed strawberries.


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