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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

These are a few of my favorite things...

I have not posted anything in sooo long. I am such a horrible blogger. I think I am just a lucker at heart. So to catch you up...

We went searching for Lyell's favorite local coffee bean shop. We knew it was in Old Hickory but we had never seen this mirage business. We finally found it to find out there store hours: Monday from 6:30am to 1:00pm and Sunday from "worship" to 10:30am...REALLY? Those are not real store hours. Needless to say we keep missing this rare opportunity.

Lyell and I roamed to the Nashville Farmers Market a couple weeks ago (when it was like 115 degrees outside).We had a blast the whole day. Bought the best Zucchini Bread known to man and I have been thinking about it ever since. Note to self: Do not eat HOT spicy gumbo when it is 115 degrees outside.

We have been obsessively loving the Padthai Kitchen in East Nashville. The service is the worst, but the food is so damn good you don't even care. I am not being picking about the service...its really like the worst I have ever seen. Padma and Tom Colicchio would have walked out and said "pack your knives and go". However, they do have a website http://www.wix.com/juy211/pad-thai-kitchen#!location  Here is a picture of me patiently waiting for my food and Lyell making fun of the crazy lady with bluetooth in one ear and the phone in the other.

 I recently found out one of my closest friends is moving to El Paso for 2 years. I am very sad about this...but she will be flying back to Nashville a lot for work and it will give me an excuse to visit her. We flew down there last week to check it out and look at her new house. Though I think we spent more time at the airport, El Paso was a great little town and I think Latisha's little family will enjoy it. Here are some random pictures I took while we were there.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: Finger Kisses

Thought this image was a good one for the week of my Seven Year Anniversary. Seven lucky years with the man I still love and admire.