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Monday, January 5, 2015

Christmas 2014

One of my favorite Christmas presents this year, is that we were all healthy for the month of December (minus the staph infection Lyell had). With the flu hitting everyone around us super hard, I'm still pretty shocked it never creeped into our house. This year our elf,  Elfie, was in full force. She would come back every morning and sometimes bringing gifts if the kiddos were extra good. Though Lyell and I were a little bummed that Elfie wasn't much of a bargaining tool as we had hoped. Ellie received an advent calendar with little chocolates for each day from Church. She felt so proud bringing her calendar to me every day reminding me that Win did not have one. 
So Christmas has come and gone; it's another year of feeling blessed by both our families. We must have been nice sometime during this crazy year to receive such love. It was tight for us financially, but we had fun coming up with some art projects Ellie could give to some of the relatives. 
Christmas Eve, was fun just lounging around. And Lyell and I kept looking at each other almost as excited as ellie. I should start Christmas days with a little side note. Ellie is still in a toddler bed and still doesn't get out of it by herself (except that one sleepwalking incident). Even at naptime she yells out to us that she is awake...And we remind her that she can literally get out of bed by herself. So neither of us thought about giving her the "stay in bed until mom and dad are ready Christmas morning" speech. But we totally should have. I heard my door creek open and shut a few minutes after 5am. I laid there a few minutes trying to wake up Lyell and then decided to go out. And there she was, already picking around at Santa's presents. 

Starting the New with some Old…Win

My New Years Resolution is simple…start blogging again. Try to keep up with the little things that I feel have been slipping through the cracks the latter part of this year. So we are starting off this new year with going several months back…

Win @ 5 months:

Can roll over both way

Totally sitting up on your own now

You have your two bottom teeth now. No fever but a drool explosion happened during the cutting of the teeth festivities.

You love to wave your arms like you have a tomahawk. Smart Ellie gave you her drum and away you went. You are either a huge Braves fan or you are going to rock the drums here in a few years.

You flap your arms when you think someone who is walking by is going to pick you up. There is usually a devastating cry that follows. Sometimes I think you are only content when you are in my arms. Dude, your just too heavy.

Starting to sleep through the night (ok that literally lasted 3 days). We are going to move you into your room very soon. I am personally not happy about it. I love the way you pop your head up when you wake up and all the morning snuggles just way too much.

You hate riding in the car. We have to play music and drum on your carseat to the beat of the song.

Win @ 6 months:

Have gone through all the foods and you seem to like them all. Your least favorite is bananas, which I still find odd.

You still don't like a paci but love chewing on hands.

The girls at school say you love sitting outside. For a month both ellie and you attended bright horizons before Ellie moved on to Goodpasture. They told me you would squeal when seeing Ellie playing outside. She would run up to you and say hi. I can't wait until you both are back together again.

Still drooling like a mad man. These monthly pictures are seen with no bibs. But lets make no mistake here, it is taken off for the picture. I will be wiping the overflow between shots and its immediately put back on. I think I actually did a whole load of laundry of just bibs the other day.

You enjoy sitting in your dads lap and watching baseball. The O's are doing so good this year, I think you are their lucky charm.

Win @ 7 months:

We have been randomly calling you Winnie the Pooh still. Your Nanny's worst nightmare. But it has officially stuck. Ellie usually gets your attention by yelling out "WINNIE THE POOOOOH"!!

Baby food is a thing of the past. You only want what we are eating. Which is easier on me, so come join us!!

Sleeping has been a issue of yours from the get go (minus those three blissful nights). Now we have run into night terrors. The best thing for this have is a white noise machine and LOUD. It drowns out everything and seems to keep you in a nice deep sleep. I was reading up on night terrors with babies and they said they are less likely to have SIDS. And as you know, my greatest fear, I was relieved and then kinda ok with the terrors after that.

^ ^ Thats some pure joy right there folks ^ ^

Win @ 8 months:

Tummy issues are working themselves out slowly but surely. You have changed to a different brand of formula (again). We are trying to see if your little tummy can handle it. It seems to working just fine and my pocket book thanks you as well.

Something I have said in the past, but I feel I need to reiterate this. Win, your sister loves you. Down to the bone loves you. She consoles you when you are crying. She says (in almost a mocking mommy voice) "Its ok, Baby Win". She wants to be the first one in your room and the last one to kiss you goodnight. I pray the bond is always there. Through think and thin.

Still no sign of crawling. You are content just watching everyone.

Your drooling has become to an all time high. Ellie hardly drooled at all, so this is all new and gross to me. We are talking, only a mother could love wet slobbery hot mess. Even your teachers have commented about the amount of bibs you go through a day. Yep, all my note-taking is all about the drool, people.

Win @ 9 months:

Hopping!! You hop around and usually get to your destination at a snell's pace.

This is a good time to talk about how you have fallen into the annoying little brother role flawlessly. There are some "NO-NOs" in Ellie's world. Win can not play with Violet and Hoot-Hoot. This is a very serious, they will be blood, knock out drag out NO-NO. Ellie also likes to draw pictures for everyone and line them up on the floor when she is done. She will go through and tell you who they are all for. Very cute actually. But if Win starts doing his butt hop over to the art gallery on the other side of the rug...its war. And when I say war, i mean Ellie acts just like me and starts getting very serious and points her finger and tells Win she does not like that and why!!

Bananas and soft apples are your favorite now. 

You are so strong. Period. Hulk strong.

Win @ 10 months:

We are on the move now. It went from hopping around to the official crab crawl. Its pretty hilarious. It just goes to show…you do things your own way and in your own time. Its one of the things I love about you.

You have really step up your babbling game. You are Ellie love to scream back and forth at each other. Ive been really working on mama. I mean, come on, your such a mamas boy…I deserve one kid to say my name first. Come on Win….MAMA.

Win, my cutie pa tootie, my lil man, my drummer boy...you are half my heart and I love you so. You don't have as many blog posts that's for sure. And I cringed every time your monthly pictures were taken realistically realizing that I haven't posted in MONTHS. But hear you go. It is not in depth as Ellie's and that's ok. It really is. Your dad and I have spent every single night rocking you to bed. And every single night waking back up in the middle of the night to sooth you back to sleep again. And we have greeted each other with smiles every morning. I have been here. We have been here all along. Snuggling, driving each other crazy, doing Eskimo kisses, throwing balls, and rolling around ruff housing. It might not be posted on a website tucked in the 8 millionth corner of the internet…but it all happened and I was with you every step of the way. You have a few more months left till you turn one (ummm, wow). So Im hoping to start posting more if you promise to start working on that whole sleep thing. I love you Winnie the Pooh. My silly little ole bear. 
Love, Mom