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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Little Nothings: One Month

My little sweet Elliott is one month old.

 OK. So that was probably too many pictures. Its my blog, and I can upload if I want to. You would upload too, if Elliott belong to you (I kinda sung that in my head). The little dress was given to us by her Aunt Lana from their recent travels to Greece. So I keep calling Ellie my little Greek goddess :)

  • has started focusing on our faces.
  • is a tad colic. We have been prescribed medication, though have only used it three times. So I am leaning toward that she just needs to have a good crying spell.
  • is enjoying tummy time more and more each day.
  • still hates having a dirty diaper. I don't think she will ever have diaper rash because she insists we change her diaper ASAP.
  • hates riding in the car
  • listens to Beethoven or Nine Inch Nails in the car...still hates riding in the car.  
  • looks at Bentley but has no clue what she is looking at. 
  • is now taking a pacifier (passy, binky). This was something she was not interested in at all. My mother was insistant on it, and she was right. Once Elliott figured out what passy suited her, it really helps with that innate need to suck. She still loves to suck on her arm and still sounds like Maggie from the Simpsons. 
  • grunts...like a lot! We have to really look at her in the middle of the night to see of she is awake or if she is having a grunting ninja fight in her sleep.
  • still has weird dark ear hair...I am going to kinda miss it when it all falls out.
  • My favorite song to listen/sing while nursing....Now I feel like Lyell and Taylor are thinking that I am literally months and months behind because she was cool like two years ago in their minds...but I am kinda obsessed with her at the moment...maybe its the name

  • I have had my highs and lows... I now understand how people can get depressed. This might make me sound horrible, but I want to be honest in saying that I love my daughter but there are hormones flying everywhere and I am just as clueless as this green little human. I don't have postpartum, I just have my moments of needing to take an extra breath or two. The past couple of days, I have started pumping and started a schedule. We are working on it....
  • I think Elliott is hilarious. Bias? Yes! But I cant keep falling more and more in love with my little "Ellie Bellie"
  • Which brings me to her name and nicknames: Elliott, Ellie, E, Elle, Ellie Bellies, Ellie Mae(Papa), Ells Bells(Laura), Scratcherman, and thrasher (the last two we don't even know how to explain how they came to be).

Here are some recent iphone photos:

Loving some dad beard

 Walking at Moss Wright with Aunt Lo

We love when dad comes home from work.

Learning to smile

Finally fell asleep like this...and then never again

Doctors Visit...We love Doctor White!

 Our very first mom milk bottle. Grandmother gave it to Elliott and she took it like it aint no thing.
Loves to suck on her arm

  Elliott loves her changing table. We spend A LOT of time hanging out there. So I decided to just bring the changing table to the computer room. It worked longer than I thought.

 Still working on that smile.

Hanging out with Stephanie...they are already gossiping about mommy.

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