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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Smocked Auctions...My New Kryptonite

I recently told my mother that I was a sad sad mother for not having a little bishop dress for Elliott. Some of you might not like the dressy look...actually, someone of you are probably surprised I like the look. They are just so innocent with that smocked dress on and over sized bow in their hair. I wish I could afford to buy all the dresses for Ellie to wear one every day...

So right after my mother and I talked about making a trek down to The Cottage in Franklin...I randomly find out that there are auctions that happen right on Facebook. How have I missed this corner of the Facebook Retail World (oh, maybe it was because I wasn't an all consumed mother back then). And when I say I have now found these fan sites...I mean, I instantaneously became a fan of a dozen yesterday. What is the attraction? On certain nights these sites host an "Auction" where they will post a photo of a smocked outfit and you have to write Sold, size, your email as fast as humanly possible, and cross your fingers you win. Its a huge savings with most outfits being about 50% off boutique shop prices. After looking through all of them, Smocked Auctions is my favorite. With over 86 thousand fans, I am not alone in this obsession either. So I saw their preview for Tuesday night...read every blog telling you how to win...sat at my computer right at 8:30 pm (actually getting a little nervous and excited).refeshed, resfreshed...refreshed
AND I  WON!!!!!!!
I actually won everything I bid on. From what I had read, this is kinda hard to do. I was so very excited, Lyell was making fun of me for being so excited. 

Here is picture of the cutest Christmas dress...notice the comments. I didn't have time to print screen when everything was going on but there were over 300 comments in less than 50 seconds when I was bidding.WOW...

And here are two comments that were on their page afterward. I felt victorious, and now obsessed.

But don't fret, Elliott won't be 100% girl...

So Moms, are there any other secret gems I need to know about? I am now off to learn how to make these giant bows :0

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