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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Sunglasses & Uggs

This Sunday morning has been a God sent. Elliott and I had a wonderful outing that is exactly what this mommy needed to reconnect. I hope everyone else is soaking up this beautiful fall day.

 Happy Sunday!

Sunday, October 14, 2012


Yesterday we went to Cheekwood and had a wonderful fall day with Laura, Alicia and her handsomely cute boy, Charlie. You could have not asked for better weather. They had scarecrows scattered around in the gardens, a few tree houses left from the summer exhibit  and the big popular attraction of trains. I have already decided that we are going to ask for a membership for Christmas. Next month they are going to have Reindeer, like real Santa reindeer. So that's a MUST. 

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Sweet Nothings: 4 Months


Not only do you love your hands in your mouth, you will put almost anything in your mouth. I was worried that developmentally this was delaying you because you refused to reach out for anything for a while. But now, you have "almost" mastered putting your passy in your mouth along with a fist or two and love hanging on to some hanging toys.

We bath you every night. It is a nightly ritual that I have even found myself being calmed by. We play music for you during splish splash time, lotion message and getting our PJs on . I try to change it up wanting you to be acquainted to several genres of music. I have been leaning toward Jack Johnson, Avett Brothers, Ellie Goulding, Taylor Swift, Tori ect. These are the calm nights that it is just us girls. Daddy jazzes it up by playing Skrillex, Holy Ghost!, Justice and David Lynch soundtracks. These nights tend to be super hyper with all of us dancing around and you kicking and geeking out. Oh how you are your fathers child.

You blow bubbles.

You are full on giggling now. So so cute.

Your thumb has found your mouth and they love each other. A thumb sucker you want to be.

You know when your mommy sticks a phone in your face to look at it (and we are working on the smile).

You are a major daddy's girl.

You and Bentley are kinda friends. Your mommy and daddy have been working hard to make sure each of you are getting the attention you both need. Though you probably are winning when it comes to cuddle time.. I hope Bentley knows that he is loved just as much as you. We have had some issues with Bentley lately. He was extremely sick early this month and ended in to little pet hospital. He is getting stronger and is trying to love on you some.

You are loving Grandma Daycare. She is the best! She takes you on daily walks, you play on the floor and swing when she is sewing. We have signed you up for part-time daycare when are turn 6 months old. I hope you will have the best of both worlds. I great school to teach you wonderful things with other kids your age and time with grandma out in the country receiving more attention than you could ever imagine. 

Every weekday you sleep on the way over to Baker Road and wake up to your Uncle Gale  trying to make you laugh. I receive little texts through out the day letting me know how good you are doing...only to make me yearn for 4 o'clock to arrive so and I can run and get you. Even your Aunt LO is in on the babysitting, she watched you twice on her fall break. 

The Orioles were the wild card this year and you watched some games with dad and G-daddy. 

We have started rice cereal. You are not that interested in the eating it part but you love to play with everything it entails.