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Monday, November 18, 2013

November Notes

Pregnancy Notes:
How far along? 27 weeks
Maternity clothes? Yep
Sleep: The regular Katherine pregnant sleep. Wake up several times. Grunt a lot when trying to turn from side to side because of some hip pain. 
Best moment recently: Gale felt the big kick...it totally freaked him out. It was hilarious.
Miss Anything? Not really, it would be nice to have a Jack and Coke but I'm not complaining. 
Movement: Yes. All over the place. He is totally different from Ellie. Completely.  
Food Cravings: Same ole weird Katherine things. But I will say, I am glad Gale will never be a special blog poster for this section. He would definitely spill the bean about my junky food habits. 
Gender: Boy. I keep imagining baseball in my future and it makes me giggle.
Labor Signs: A few Braxton Hicks contractions. I actually had them with Ellie but had no clue what a contraction was until I went in to be induced. The nurse was showing me on the chart what a contraction looked like. My response: "So I am having one now?" Nurse: "yes" Me: "Oh, well I have been having those all the time!!"
Symptoms: Just heartburn again. Maybe another black headed baby? All I really know is if I forget my Prilosec pill its hell to pay the following day. Hum? New Prilosec jingle?
Belly Button in or out? In
Wedding rings on or off? On
Name: Edwin Robinson Sloan, aka Win. Ok. This is really not set in stone, because my Dad and Gale keep calling him Eddie and Robbie to annoy me. All the other names are just...well...OK...maybe...just maybe...we have been slackers when it comes to looking at names this time around. Sorry son. 
Happy or Moody most of the time: Overall I am happy. There have been some stressful days between mine and Lyell's schedule. Ellie is starting in the terrible two stage of saying "no" to everything, so at the end of the day I am beat. I will be very happy when Lyell's Wednesday night class is through and maternity leave is here. 
Looking forward to: Everything! Thanksgiving. My nephew is coming into town. My birthday. Ellie and me have a photo shoot coming up. Tree and lights. Santa. Christmas. Hopefully this will make Win seem like he is getting here faster. 

Ellie still has no clue there is a baby in my belly. She is actually more curious about my boobs and bras lately. She seriously wants to carry my bras around like purses. However, she is very curious about really babies out of the belly. We look through the nursery doors on the way to her classroom and point to all the babies. I truly believe she will love having a baby in the house. I also truly believe that she will hate sharing me and Lyell. Sorry bug, being the oldest sucks. I am personally still having issues about Ellie becoming a big sister so soon. I think it was be great in the long run and I have heard great stories about being best friends with the siblings close in age. Let the craziness begin. 

Lyell and I went on a little vacation/babymoon/wedding weekend a few weeks ago. We had a great time and are so happy for Wes and his beautiful bride, Debra. Wes was in our Wedding serveral moons ago, so I was excited Lyell got to stand up there with an old buddy. Wes has always been one of my favorite of Lyell's friends. It might be months/years before talking to each other...but they pick up like they are 14 year boys again. I can only hope a pray our son will find him a "Wes" in his lifetime. Congrats guys. Now I will admit, that after a few days I was itching to get back to our little girl. She was so hesitant when she saw us. Like, so yall are back? And staying?

Ellie got some big girl sheets, a pillow and comforter. 
She thinks she has a big girl bed now, though we haven't even taken the front of her crib off.