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Sunday, December 30, 2012

My little Sugar Plum Fairy's 1st Christmas

Christmas was everything I had imagined and more. As soon as the two lines popped up and it really sunk in that a baby was on the way last year, I had already made the calculations for Christmas. I knew my bundle of joy would be right at 6 months old on that glorious Christmas day. I could already imagine the chunky baby sitting up and probably more interested in the box than the cute toy I had rushed to get on Black Friday. And just a year ago to the day, was when I told my mom I was having a girl. {See HERE for the reactions, they are so awesome}. And to be honest, I might have gotten a little ahead of myself in the imagination department. I was already thinking of traditions such as cuddling and reading Christmas books in our Christmas PJs, setting cookies out for Santa after spending the weekend baking and decorating cookie cutter sugar cookies, and with the fire place going laying by the tree looking up at all the lights.

This was totally not how Christmas went. I didn't go Black Friday Shopping, and there were no cookies of any sort. I rushed around on Christmas Eve buying bags and stuffing because I just didn't have to energy to wrap up anything with cute winter wrapping paper and my famous Christmas ribbon bows. Ellie could not shake a bad cold and was running a fever. So our Eve was spent in her room with the humidifier going and vapor rub galore. It was her first real bad cold and this mommy was devastated it had to happen right during the Holidays (we now know she had an ear infection too). This is what my day looked like...

But we trudged on. We got in the cute Christmas PJs and tried reading The Night Before Christmas. We finally got her to sleep (in our bed, of course) and Santa's Helpers went to work. After setting it all up, which didn't take long at all. We stepped back, snapped a cell phone picture and retreated to our bed as well for a long winters nap.

Christmas Morning, we were up and at 'em. Ellie, not so much. She hesitantly looked at all her toys and put all of them slowly in her mouth, as trying to introduce her taste buds to her new friends. 

Lyell and I exchanged gifts also. Last year, we got each other hardwood floors and there was really nothing we needed right now. So we decided on gag gifts :) Gag gifts are what we do best. Actually, one of my favorite gifts was Ellie's high chair. I have been dreading dinner time because she can pretty much get herself out of her mama & papa chair. My ultra favorite gift is what Ellie got me, a small gold necklace with a tiny "E"  on it. I haven't taken it off since Christmas morning. And my favorite gag gift, which I told Lyell we need a concert soon so I have a reason to wear these in public...BART SIMPSON PANTS...ummm...#YOLO!!! Super stoked about these :)

Off to my parents we went. Over the river and through the woods...to Grandmother's house we go. They were waiting on us and everyone had eaten breakfast and was ready to rip into the prizes under the tree. We all take a spot in the room and start divvying it all up. I am ever good at taking pictures during this time. So much is going on. I try to soak it all in but I always seem to miss people opening my gifts.{This is a LONG time issue with my family. An issue I have personally tried to resolve in the "Robinson Family Household Court System". At last, my brothers always win this fight. They want to act 6 and run and rip everything to shreds in five minutes flat, then walk around and see what everyone else got.} This actually deserve its own blog post....so lets get back. Ellie is truly loved by my family and she got so soo much cute stuff. She watched as the piles of paper got higher than her and shoved bows in her mouth like candy. We then played with everything, ate a wonderful Christmas lunch, took pictures, gave hugs and said our goodbyes. And off we were again. 

Ellie, at this point took a nap in the car and was acting all better when we arrived to the Sloan's. Early dinner was ready so we dug in to the ham and all the fixings. Ellie played quietly with one of her new toys while we ate and chatted up how our day had gone so far. And under the tree we went again. I will have to admit, Ellie did the best here. She kicked her feet and waved her hands at each new present presented to her. The cutest stocking of all times was filled with great goodies, or as Roger and Sheila put it...anything that made lots and lots of noise! We feed Ellie and pasted her around for cuddles as we played Christmas music. You could say the Sloan's are as smitten with Ellie as I am. I got the wallet as was drooling over with some nice suprises in it. I don't think I would change one thing about Ellie's first Christmas (maybe being 100% healthy). We all had to work the next day, so we hugged and waved goodbye as we headed back to the mothership and passed out.  It was the merriest Christmas, indeed. 

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

And then there were none...

Over the weekend, Mike graduated from college. So, that's it... All four of us have made it through, and now I have no clue what my father will complain about now that college tuition is not top on the list. :) So proud of Mikey  Charles Michael Robinson. He graduated a little early because he has a pretty awesome opportunity to work during this years legislative session before going off to law school (or at least that's the plan anyways). I was a little nervous about the road trip up there because Ellie can sometimes throw a major hissy fit in the car. Thankfully,  it being a school day for her...she conked out and didn't even flinch until we got off the Knoxville ramp. HELLO! Super awesome. Though it was short 24 hours, it was nice weather, great food and lots of laughs. We stayed at the same hotel as Gales graduation and I didn't get a weird foot fungus this time. Two toes up! 

Though it was a happy occasion for my family. The event that also was happening in Sandy Hook CT is beyond any words for me. I have seen a lot of comments and fingers pointed in all directions. I just don't have any words. I don't have any solutions. And I don't have enough prayers to comfort the hurt in this tragedy. So to my little Ellie, I am sorry you live in a place that these stories exist. I am sorry there is evil in this mad mad mad world. My sweet Ellie, evil does exist. But evil doesn't have to win. Always be the good and see the good in others. Love everyone. You might never know how you could have changed someones life by being the happy spirit that God puts in us.

Hope everyone has a Happy Holiday Spirit Kinda Day!

Friday, December 14, 2012

Sweet Nothings: 6 Months

So this is totally late. I have people reminding me that my kid is 6 months old now and I have not posted my note. Maybe its because I hadn't written anything cute this month, maybe its because I am slacking. We had doctors appointments, Christmas parties, final exams at Law School, a child who now hurls at the sight of Tylenol (cherry and grape, cause I have tried both), fevers, more vomit, Christmas shopping and tantrums. Have you ever fed your child her cereal in the bath tub because she would not sit in her high chair? Just me? NICE. So, enough with the excuses. Lets get down to business, Ellie. You are seriously already half a year old, double the size you were when you popped out of me, a 100% just like your father, and a million times cuter than all the little babies of the world. Damn, I love you. First up...Onnie pictures!

How do you bribe my child?
Letting her hold phones, ipads and playing with our laptops.

Ellie, you are sitting up completely on your own.

You love to sit in my lap and pull-to-stand.
It never gets old and you get so excited like its the first time you do it

You have become very inquisitive. Loving hide-n-seek and looking where different noises are coming from. There was a harp player for the Christmas memorial at the funeral home, and you could not take your eyes off her.

Don't mind the dirty fingernails, you are loving the art projects in class.

You still love to put everything in your mouth...including Santa. (Santa from school).

{YES, that's my kid...eating the jolly old man. AND Yes we still have not done our Santa picture. Its on the list of things to do, even if we are in a long line on Christmas Eve.}

You love to shop at Target with your mommy.
Especially now with all the Christmas decor hanging from the ceiling.
You are so exhausted when daycare is over. I even caught you snoring about 5 minutes after we left. Your Nanny(what we are going with for my mom at the moment, yes she finally made a decision)...Your Nanny says you take looong naps on the days she keeps you. I think its half being tired from playing the day before and half loving to snuggle with nanny in her super comfy bed. I can see new great things now that you are in daycare. I feel like you are talking more and playing well by yourself. I freakin LOVE your class. Your teachers are super awesome. I have had no worries since the first day. Its part time, so you still have Nanny Daycare too :)

Your daddy and I get emails and pictures from your teachers... Like this one...
She is doing great!!  She has been so happy.  She took a little nap this morning and got up and took a bottle and has been busy playing with her new friends and toys, as you can see.  I hope these brighten your day.

There have been some small issues that have come are way...like you know how to manipulate your dad and me now. Nothing bad, just...well, like if I leave to room you will do this super crappy fake cry to try to get me back in the room. Its not separation anxiety, because you are off and playing as soon as I set you down at school.

You do great in restaurants. The louder the restaurant, the louder you laugh and howl.

You are such a great kid. I am really blessed to not have hardly any trouble out of you. The sarcasm throughout my sweet little nothings is just that, sarcasm. Lyell and I work really hard at our jobs, so you can have a great life. So sometimes, its crazy at night. Sometimes I just put you in mommy and daddy's bed so we can snuggle all night. Sometimes, I don't even get you in bed right at 8 every night. Sometimes I forget to pump and we use formula. Sometimes we laugh and play with Bennie. Sometimes you are on a schedule. Sometimes you rub your little eyes when we are grocery shopping and we are not home yet for you to take a nap. But, I ALWAYS love you and there is never EVER a moment that I don't think we have the best life together. Happy Half Birthday.