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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Thankful : November 5th- November 11th

November 5th ~ Thankful for music. Especially weird music in the mornings. Like this song Lyell has gotten me addicted to :

November 6th ~ Obvious Choice:  My right to vote! My right to vote as an American and my right to vote as a women. I hope I can instill in Ellie the patriotic duty and honor it is to be able to stand in line on election day and make your vote count. My father gave me voting registration papers on my 18th birthday...and I have not missed an election (including local) since. I will watch the polls tonight with Ellie. I know she has no inkling of what is going on, but maybe she will look back at this one rainy old day and know that her mother and her mothers family was rich in politics and that one vote CAN change anything. 

November 7th ~  Thankful for photography. My love for photography started before college, but I fell for it hard when I took my first black and white class. I can remember watching my first print being made in the dark room. Though things have changed and I do it less creatively ..it still there and I am thankful I have a little creative Katherine in me that loves lighting, the way shadows hit against objects, sunsets, that perfect shot you get and you KNOW "thats the shot", or just shooting my little ellie on my phone. Its an outlet that hope stays with me for my lifetime.

November 8th ~ I am thankful for my sense of humor. Without humor, my life would really be boring and Debbie Downerish. I can honestly say that I can laugh off about anything. Maybe that has something to do with being the tall, red-headed, outcast when I was younger. 

November 9th ~ I am thankful for my inside jokes with Lyell. There have been so many, I am starting to forget the really weird things we use to do when we were younger. (Maybe that should be a post, one day). Anyway, I have been asked by several people what is up with all the trains in my instagram. It really wasn't even going to be a "thing" but I have kinda have gotten addicted to seeking out trains in my everyday life. This story will not make much sense, but I will attempt to make this funny understandable. Lyell follows a "special" guy on twitter and made me start following also...@beebee880 HE really is a super sweet, super awesome guy...who LOVES buses. 90% of his tweets consist of bus information. "Bus is here" "Bus is late" "On the Bus" and my all time favorite "I am bus". Taking Elliott everyday to my parents house and pass a train track that stops me sometimes. As a joke I started taking images of Trains and saying "Train is here" "Train is late"...ect. OK so this doesn't sound funny at all...but I get a kick out of taking pictures of Trains now. Guess this should have stayed an inside joke :/ 

November 10th~ Thankful that Lyell is such a wonderful father. He works and studies so hard for us and still wants to play with Elliott every chance he gets...sometimes playing means napping. 

November 11th ~ Thankful for my grandfather and all the veterans. Happy Veterans Day. Happy Sunday.

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