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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Thankful: November 1st - November 4th

November 1st ~ Thankful for my friend Latisha. Latisha is back in town for our friend Whitney's wedding. I got to spend the whole evening with her and Ally. It was so nice to have a girls night to catch up and just talk. I have forgotten how much we use to get together. There was a time where we would get together once a week at O'Charley's, eat their yummy bread with the big appetizer and gossip about ANYTHING! I have just a handful of friends now (I personally like it that way) and I am thankful Latisha is one of them. She is fixing to have her second girl, and I am so thankful Ally, Ellie and Leesi will be close in age to play and grow up together and learn had to gossip with the best of us girls.

November 2nd~ T.G.I.F. Spent some time with family :)

November 3rd~ Thankful for love. Without love this world would be colder and hardly any Beatles songs. Laura watched Ellie today and Lyell and I made our way to Franklin to a wedding at CJ's off the square. Top-Notch wedding. It was beautiful and Lyell and I had fun just hanging out with each other on a little couch in the corner of the reception. At one point, champagne was passed around and Lyell made the cutest mini love speech for me. The Beatles did have it right: All You Need Is Love...and I am thankful I found mine.

November 4~ Thankful for the extra hour in this weekend. Ellie did not get the memo that the extra hour is usually used for sleeping in. She got a horrible memo that you wake up twice in the middle of the night and super early. She is teething, so this weekend has been a little whiny. Either way, the weekends are all mine with Lyell and Ellie. We love to cuddle and play fun games and read extra books that we usually don't get to cram in on week nights. So even though there is nothing extra special going on, I am thankful I have one extra cuddle hour with me sweat Ells bells.

 Yes, that is Elliott giving herself some medicine. Even though we have been cranky, she still smiles for the camera.  Love her. Hope everyone has a thankful week coming up.

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