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Monday, November 12, 2012

Sweet Nothings: 5 Months

Dear Elliott, You are 5 months old today. 

In some of these pictures, you can see your two little teeth.

Ellie, you can roll over front to back and back to front and have for a few weeks now.

Lyell makes you say : "Hi Haters!" One day I even heard your dad saying to you, "OK, tell all the haters HI". I walk into the living room and your crazy father is dragging you around on a blanket waving "Hi Haters, Hi Haters. Haters gonna hate".

You weigh 18.8 lbs (based on Lyell weighing himself and then adding you).

Everything still goes straight for the mouth. Freud would love you as a patient. Then two weeks ago, we realized it was about that time. TEETHING!

Your first Halloween was a success. We went to the zoo with some friends earlier in October. On Halloween night, we dressed you up and tricked your Gigi. Stayed longer than planned so we didn't pass out candy out our house, but it was a nice night with family and a home cooked meal.

You have randomly started saying "mama" in your ramblings. I know you have not made the connection, but MELT. MY. HEART.

You can hold your own bottle. Mostly for the first half and you get either too sleepy or too board and then you let mommy hold it for the latter half.

You are sleeping in your room now. We had gone out and just got a cheap little monitor so I could make sure I would hear you in the middle of the night. I even made Lyell test it out by standing in your room and whispering in the lightest thing to see if I could repeat it. I could. Yet I still was nervous and turned  it up all the way up that first night. You woke me up SIX times. Four of them you were just grunting...geez. I have turn it down since then.

I miss you in our room though, sometimes if you wake up for a night nursing close to the time I wake up for work...I will just bring you in our bed for a little snuggle time.

You have a few new toys taking up more room in the house.

You are now getting frustrated with certain things.You will get so angry if one of your toys falls out of your reach. One of my favorite things (which I should not laugh at) is: You have toys at grandma house too and the bouncer there is different from your bouncer at home. You get so angry at something that is not bendable on ours that is super bendable and you can put in your mouth at grandmas (it looks similar) . You try with all your might to bend it and put it in your mouth, then you get angry, hit it and puff out that bottom lip. Again, I can not help but laugh...but you are just so darn cute.

You love getting out of the house and being on adventures. Even if the adventures are a walk around the block, the mall or grocery shopping. You are such a delight and you smile at everyone. You light up my world and the world around you, Ellie. I hope you never loose that shine. Love you to the moon and back. 

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