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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Ellie says...

"Ellie sees poop".

"No Mommy, go away".

"No Benny, go sit".

"Benny. Come. Sit. Now". 

***As you can tell, very bossy sentences. Perfect description of the oldest child***

Ellie and Win have started taking baths together, with his little tub sitting in the big tub. This has started the talk of differences between girls and boys. Lulus (as we call it) and penises. We have had LOTS of talks about them...

Ellie (sitting on the potty at my parents house): "Ellie lulu"
Me: "Yes, Ellie has a lulu"
Ellie: "Mommy lulu".
Me: "Yes, girls have lulus and boys have penises".
**Wheels are turning in that big noggin of hers...light bulb goes off**
Ellie: "Papa PENIS!!!!"
Oh goodness. 

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