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Friday, April 25, 2014

Blogger Time

After watching the documentary American Blogger yesterday, I have a second wind with my own blog. I wanted to watch the documentary at first because it had a handful of bloggers  that I follow in the movie. It was not a very good documentary but it did remind me was why I really starting blogging in the first place. My own little corner of the internet...its kinda powerful and scary. Its all therapeutic for me. It makes me really look at my day or month. It slows me down even for a moment and know I am a good person and mother. I think everyone needs to think good things about themselves now and again. I am also not saying if you don't blog about your kids, you are not doing it right. Its just right for me and my lifestyle.

I am not a writer and most of my post are full of grammatical errors. (I know this because my brother and sister like to point them out). I have never done this for a light to shine on me or to portray my life as fabulous. I first did it to find myself again. Then kids came along and I naturally decided to make them an online baby book. My mother was great at taking pictures and all four of us kids have four albums each of wonderful memories from birth to graduation. She still has not given them to us, but the books are there to rifle through when we are all at home. Laugh at the bad haircuts and post throw back Thursdays images.

A great point in the documentary was how little we know about our ancestors. Maybe we know there names and where they came from. Things like that. One of my mothers favorite things are notes that her mother had sent to her own mother while traveling the world with the Red Cross. To see my grandmothers thoughts written down as a young twenty something was so neat to see for all of us. A small part of her life captured through a four page letter.

So I might be lacking in post lately but its here for my kids to look back on and see a sliver of our daily routines, funny moments, big milestones and bumps in the road. I have several "draft posts" just sitting for me to finish...so I am taking a deep breath and will start tackling them.

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