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Friday, April 25, 2014

Edwin: Two Months

Oh, melt my heart. My little serious model.

Not going to lie...month two has not been glamorous. All four of us got a bad cold. And not at the same time, of course. But one at a time spreading out over a two and a half week span. What I didnt know is that if a 5 week old runs a fever you need to go straight to the hospital. Then got really freaked out when I arrived by myself and they immediately started xrays and spinal taps. Everything came back negative and we got to go home later that day. Thank goodness. Seeing a tiny little guy so sick made me feel so helpless. I dont think I will ever forget that little (huge huge) cough you had. It was heartbreaking.

You two month check up also sent us back to Vandy because there was a chance you had a broken collar bone. WHAT? I know right. With all the other things we were honing in on we missed that you would cry if we picked you up the wrong way or messed with your shoulder. Again, thank goodness its not broken.

You have finally started smiling. You will even give us a big grin when we laugh.

Right before you got sick, your sweet Aunt YaYa threw you a Sip and See just like your sisters. The food was out of this world. I was so nervous no one would show up. I guess that is my own insecurities cause the house was packed full of Win fans and the two hours were a world wind of hugs and snuggles.

You love LOVE bath time. 

At the beginning of the month, you would only turn your head toward my voice but are now turning to ole dadman and following your sister while running around all crazy like.

You are so strong. Your arms and legs thrash around like a ninja.

Watch out...Because that sister of yours loves you to death. It makes me smile when I see her try to comfort you and run for a bottle or paci to make sure your ok. She also will be the first to tell you "Baby, quiet" if you are crying too much for her liking.

You still sleep a lot and a whole lot more than your sister. We have differently been more relax with you, letting you snuggle with me during a nap time and during the night. I guess its bad when we get Ellie up in the mornings, she goes straight to our bed to find you and is confused if you are actually in your pack n play.

 Edwin, my seriously little man. You make me so happy. Though the month was not the best and your cough is still not gone, I love how well you go with the flow. Sometimes you would go through your entire wardrobe in one afternoon with the peeing and the vomiting, but i cant help but look at those brown eyes and melt. I personally think you are the coolest boy on the block. And since you have Lyell for a dad, you might actually have a cool gene to make that statement true. You are growing faster than needed, so if you could slow down a little that would really help me. We are down to just a couple of days before my maternity leave is up. Oh, tears. Just thinking about it makes the last month seem like a waste. Winter babies really have it the worst. I start questioning everything. Do we have a strong enough bond? Have I held you enough? Are you happy? Right now you are sleeping on your fathers chest and I think I am going to stop uploading pictures and steal you right off of him to cuddle till Ellie gets home. Love you to the moon and back little man. Love, Mom

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