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Sunday, February 24, 2013

February Wrap Up

I seriously cant believe this is the last week of February. I am not quite sure what made this fly by, but I really need to order Ellie's Easter basket....What? Ummm, yeah. Easter is in March this year.

This weekend was low key since it was jam packed last weekend. Richard, Lana and Devon came in last weekend and we spent as much time with them as possible. Devon and Ellie with out a doubt, loved each other. Devon was so good with Ellie and if he has anything to do with it...Ellie will be a Star Wars fanatic also. (There are pictures of baby girl with a lightsaber coming soon). Lana had a get together for Devon's TN birthday party. I cant believe my little guy is 6.

And lets not forgot, though I don't think Richard would let us... Elliott Annabelle Sloan is IN LOVE with her Uncle Richard. Its so true I couldn't even make it up.

And we learned how to clap our hands...Now we do it all the time. 
Especially when I am trying to feed Ellie and pureed sweet potatoes go every where. 

Pretty Park Days. Oh, I cant wait for the summer and we can stay a little longer than we already do. 


I randomly found a "throw away" camera in my car. I was pretty pumped thinking it would have a hidden treasure of images and memories I forgot about and would flood back to me. Well, that didn't happen. It was some random sunset pictures and self portraits. Self Portraits that are basically the equivalent to cell phone mirror pictures now. I have some questions for my 2007 self...like whats up with the popping of my collar?

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