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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Deliciously Bitten...Tane Organics

OK. I randomly sent Ellie's picture off to a local photographer who had the opportunity to shoot a clothing company's spring line. They sent all the images off to New York...and Ellie was the one that got picked! I was geeking...hard. Did I google baby models? Yes. Afterwards, will I do it again? Probably not. OK, Maybe.

Ellie is a very good baby. I mean, hell, she even wakes up from naps smiling away. Even with nothing to compare it to, I go on others telling me that she is a good baby. I thought to myself, Ellie has got this in the bag. I was even telling her that all the sickness and vomiting she did in December was her slimming down for her first modeling gig. (Side note: She did lose some weight and I promise I will never say that to a kid that understands what I am actually saying). Anyways....

The day of the photo shoot...

she woke up crying

with the worst diaper rash (like, she had never even had it before until that day), 

a rash on her arm 

and separation anxiety in full force. 

I am mean, damn. This kid just knows when to call her mama a liar. I calmly did our routine and keep my fingers crossed that as the day progressed, she would be fine. The time came and it was not too terrible  She could have been much better. I ran around like a crazing looking chicken singing stupid songs that make her laugh. Laura got to come with us (crazy Robertson County snow days) and that helped too. 

Do I think my daughter is beautiful? YES. Am I a little bias? YES. But I will say its nice to know that someone from the Big Apple thought my daughter was beautiful too and loved her to be apart of their fashion journey. 

I am smitten over the clothing line. Tane Organics. I can not wait to purchase some of the things Ellie modeled. We did get compensated for our time with a gift card to the clothing company and a free shoot with the photographer. Its what I am most excited about. She did a beautiful job. See her work here, Lane Proffitt Photography

Here is what Tane has published on the website and facebook: