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Monday, February 4, 2013

Favorite Things {7mo}

Since we are smack dab in the middle of month seven. 
Ellie wanted to share some of her favorite things at the moment.

1. Gerber Puffs ~ As you noticed in a post last week. This IS our new thing. I was dropping off Ellie one morning at daycare and her sweet teacher asked if we had started giving Ellie any Cheerios. I looked probably stunned and confused. I have a baby not a four year old running around eating bowls of cheerios??? People have got tell me these things, my child is growing faster than I even know. So her teacher went on the explain that Ellie was very interested in the food the bigger kids where getting and even try to steel some from a classmate. Skip to two weeks later and Ellie <3's any puff you put in front of her.

2. Bath Pod ~ We still love bath time and after getting tons of new bath toys from santa, I finally found something to hold most of it and looks cute too. After finding a link for you guys...I realize now that I embarrassingly bought this for way too much at boutique in Franklin. {Bought Local: Little Star Kid's Gear}

3. Lovie Blanket ~ Ellie adores her little lovies. We have tons. We have one at daycare and one at mom's just in case we forget to grab one on our way out. Mom bought Ellie an Angel Dear Lovie Blanket. So if you have a kid that always is dragging one around...HELLO...a huge lovie is even better. We have been using it on cold mornings on the way to grandma's house. {Bought Local: Plaid Rabbit}

4. Noodle Boo Lotion ~ Not much to say...other than everything! Best feeling lotion ever. Buy some now! {Bought Local: Lizards and Lace}

5. Sing-a-ma-jig ~ Not going to lie, this toy is kinda freaky looking. It was a present from G-Daddy. Not going to lie, it freaks me out when it sings too. BUT, Ellie loves this guy. To the point where I don't even care that I don't like it...I love it because it makes my little girl giggle every time she sees it. G-Daddy knows best!

6. Baby Camera ~ This was a present from me for Christmas  I mean, its a camera...I had to right? And I am not saying its her favorite because its from me or because its a camera. She loves the songs and is very easy for even a six month old to play with. Lots of songs about colors and feelings. {Bought Local: Phillip Toy Mart}

7. Jean Dress ~ I love this dress. You can put it with leggings or cute colorful hose. Its like the baby version of Katherine's jean jacket look. If you know me, you have to have a jean jacket! 

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