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Friday, January 18, 2013

Blog Makeover & Goals

New Year. New Look. New Goals. Lets do this Thing.

I don't make New Year Resolutions. Never. But since becoming a mom, I try (TRY) to be more positive. Try to be grateful. To see my blessings. I am so not good at it. I have always been a pessimistic person - glass is half empty type of a person. So for my up coming 100th post, I had told myself to write 100 things I am thankful for...Yep, totally not doing that. Not that I am not thankful for a 100 things. I just don't have the time and creative energy to write up cleaver things about my love for sunsets, family, baby toes, freshly paints fingernails, applejacks cereal for dinner, ect.

I do want to push myself creatively.  I am trying to find some new outlets, pinpoint them, reign them in, and excel. Am I making any sence?? OK. Since I am going to be 32 at the end of the year, I have decided to make 32 goals for myself, my blog and my family this year. {these will start trickling in soon}.

I have some super inspiring things that are happening in the wings. I am such a giddy school girl when exciting things happen. Lyell loves to laugh at me when I am literally jumping up and down doing my happy dance. Though I secretly  know he is just as elated as I am. I hope you continue to skip over to my blog every now and then. Ellie has some exciting news to tell everyone very soon. {After reading that last line. NO. She is not going to be a big sister, but exciting just the same}.

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