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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Welcome Back

My RunKeeper App sent me a message this week. "Welcome Back". I think the weather had a lot of motivation in me to finally put my running shoes back on and go. See...

After a lot of hurdles, my first Ultrasound we had with Apple (ha, remember little ole appleseed) was very early on. I think 4 weeks, and the doctors told me I had an uterine rupture (I mean, my body really hates me). No running and no picking up more than 5 pounds. So my happy ass sat on the couch and drank milk shacks and kept reminding everyone, I was with child and could not move. Ya know, doctors orders and all. 

Insert a few several months later. Its time. And it feels good. Sometimes you just need to run. I miss running in the neighborhood early in the morning and at the greenway with Lyell late summer afternoons (not all in the same day, you cra). 

 I think I am posting this to let everyone know (or like my two friends, Lyell and my mom) that I have told myself to start doing this...so they can hold me accountable for this post. 

So "I'm Back, Back in the runners groove"...

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