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Friday, April 12, 2013

Sweet Little Nothings: 10 Months

Favorite Pastime: Turning the xbox on and off, on and off, and on and off. We have now moved it up on the top self to save the life of our console.

Being more gentler with Bentley.

Still loving lights. You point to all the lights in the house and are worried when the lights are not on in the morning. This makes me remember that I am on the hunt for some cute night lights for your room. The baby monitor we have had a night light switch on it. We are ready to get rid of it because we CAN hear you if you need us in the middle of the night. The other day we went in to Lizards and Lace to get some summer sandals...SOMEONE freaked over the disco ball they have now. Is it a light? Is it a ball? Could have care less about the abundance of cute shoes. You didn't know what to do. Other than sign light and babble on about it, making sure I knew you saw it.

Come to find out, you just want the big kid food now. Your dad and I have started to care more about what us grownups are eating, because you are wanting it too. Favorite at the moment:  anything cheese (ugh...not my proudest parenting moment to date) Favorite snack: applesauce and oranges Favorite dessert: yogurt melts (probably because that is the only dessert you really have).

You give hugs to all your toys.

You smile at everyone.

You wave at everyone and anything.

And getting down to the nitty gritty. Yesterday we spent the evening at Vanderbilt Children's Hospital Emergency Room. Little Elliott took a fall from her highchair and hit the hardwood floor pretty hard. I arrive less than 10 minutes after the nose dive. Dad drove me and Ellie and met Lyell at the Emergency room. I was completely calm, I didn't cry, I just kept Ellie laughing. We got stitched up and slept all the way home. Very uneventful for our first accident. The only 'mama bear' moment I had was when the first doctor f**ked... had to have another doctor come look, didn't like it, ripped it out and stitch it up again. Really people...this is my daughters only forehead...lets get it right the first time!!! I am very nervous about making sure we get the best care for scarring.  Anyone with suggestions...please do tell.

Happy TEN month to my little firecracker. 

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