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Monday, April 22, 2013

April Showers Bring Web Ramblings

I haven't posted anything in what feels like a while. I always like to keep people (and Elliott) updated on even the mundane things. Sometimes, I don't really know what I am doing here. Over the past couple of months I have even seen the bloggers I follow question their spot on the internet. I have seen people steal their children's images and even used inappropriately. I am gullible to think there is no evil on the internet and that I cant be susceptible to it also. I am gullible to think there might be a day that sharing some of my world could back fire. {I don't share it all ~ Some is kept for just my family}.

This world of ours scares me. {Recently ~ the Boston Marathon bombings} I am mostly scared of the ignorance of  people. And I am not talking about just the terrorist. Us Americans too. I realize the unknown is intimidating and its anger that masks the fear. If we all know that knowledge is power; my one question to us all is, when will we learn? Like literally LEARN. When will we teach ourselves, communicate and become non-combative? I watched CNN mostly on Friday when Boston was shut down. And then Lyell updated me minute by minute via twitter when we went out to eat and they had found the second bomber. I am thankful that Richard and Devon took Lana to Bermuda for her birthday or I would have been a hot mess. So my immediate world was not affected at all by this, but it could easily be. Nashville is not too small to have someone target it. 

But I walk on. Walk on to celebration birthdays, enjoying the weather, Lyell passing finals, fresh fruits at the farmers market. Walk on to the daily grind.Walk on to new mornings and cute smiles. Walk on to counting down to vacation. There is no other option for me. I am warmed by the stories starting to come in. The heroic ones. The good Samaritan ones. You see...I have only half tinted, rose colored glasses. I know there will always be evil in this world...I am just trying to even the playing field.  

So yeah. Happy Monday. Here are some cute images to lighten the mood. 

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  1. She picks great ice cream! I enjoy your blog very much and seeing how much she has grown. Thank you for sharing with me. Ruth