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Monday, August 13, 2012

Sweet Little Nothings: 2 months

So everything I said at "One Month"...well now throw THAT out the window and its now the complete opposite. And its ok. Like really ok!

Fun things that you never want to forget...but if I didn't write them down they could slip from my delirious memory {maybe} forever.

The Light Show~ Ellie loves looking at lights.Lyell started taking her on a "Light Tour" where they would walk through the house at night looking at all the lights fixtures. She is slowly growing out of this obsession but it worked like a charm for a while.

Lately Lyell (and me sometimes) has been taking her on little night walks around the block. She loves looking at the trees.

Lyell says he can not wait until Christmas...because it will be the combination of Elliot's two favorite things...Trees WITH Lights on them.

Elliott now hates tummy time, she would rather sit in my lap and look around.

One night we went up to the Providence to eat and shop. While eating at Panera Bread, I had Ellie sitting on my lap so she could look around. Evidently she was very intrigued with a couple sitting in a booth next to us. She was creeping on them hard. Feeling awkward, I laughed and smiled at the couple and nicely turned Ellie around to face us. Well, she burst into the fake cry that made me give up and turn her back. So for the rest of everyone's meal, Ellie sat staring at this couple while sucking on her arm!?!

Tummy Issues~ Our little Ellie Bellie has had some tummy issues. There has been some vomiting going on in the Sloan house. Bad enough that I took her to the Doctor. Its been projectile vomit. Like across the room EXORCIST vomit. One night, Lyell was walking (pacing) the house holding Ellie while she was screaming and I was in the computer room kinda watching TV and looking at my websites...I could literally hear the vomit hit the floor from across the house...WOW. Thinking it is reflux, we have tried two different medications and dropping the amount we were feeding down in half and feeding more often.      In hindsight, it all makes since now. This all started before I had even bought a pump. I was "on demand" feeding her. Well, she is just like her mother and likes to eat ALOT. Now that I am pumping, I now know I produce a lot of milk and she was eating way too much. We are bottle feeding my milk and things have done a 180.

Elliott was a little clingy. And that was alright with me, I was too.

All the ways this girl can sleep...

Dear Elliott, 
     On your two month check up, you weighed in at 12 pounds and 9 ounces (83%) your height at 23 1/4 (86%) and head circumference at 15 3/4 (94%). While waiting on Dr. White you laughed a real laugh for the first time. Your daddy (who was there because your mother was to chicken to be there by herself) was playing with you and snuggled in and kissed you on your neck. The old prickly daddy whiskers must have done it, because low and behold you let out a big laugh. Lyell jumped back and looked at me... snuggled and kissed you again...and there it was again. The cutest little laugh. Your daddy as so excited that he produced the first laugh from you. And I wouldn't have it any other way; I think he is pretty funny myself. I really feel like I know you now, Elliott. I know when you are hungry and what your "fussy because I am tired" cry sounds like. I have one more month to stay at home and really bond with you and I am loving every minute of it. I will have to admit I was nervous about your appointment today. Not because of you but because of me. I want to make sure I am feeding you enough and you are hitting all the right mile stones. You passed with fly colors baby girl and you only cried for a second during your shots.We have already gone on so many small adventures and I am planning many more. You are one of a kind and your family thinks you hung the moon.  Love, Your Mom

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