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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

E is for Ellie's Elmo

Eleven weeks in and this mom has already broken her own rule. {I hope this doesn't come off as snobby} I am, at the moment, anti TV/movie characters. I do not have the TV on during the day. Ellie and I usually listen to music, read books and search the world wide web during the day. I was singing to her and started looking up youtube videos on my ipad mainly trying to remember words to songs...and then it started. Sesame Street! She was not that into it at first and then I would let Ellie and Knox (friends son that I have been sitting) watch three small videos before nap time.

All this to say that Ellie had been acquainted to Elmo with these little digital shorts we were watching of Sesame Street shows.

I took her to Phillips Toy Mart. Which by the way...SUPER AWESOME.

So I was walking through with her and came upon some puppets. Let her stare at them all and randomly   picked up Elmo to see if she remembered the little red guy. I cant even explain the pure excitement she had on her face when she saw him. That puppet could have been 100 bucks...I knew I had to get it. Gosh...I will always remember that look.

She has started talking to Elmo. OK...you know what I mean. Babbling. Here is a small video of her babbling. AND please excuse the crappy mom voice I have going on. Why does your own voice sound so weird...and even scarier when you are talking to a baby. Enjoy!

 Elliott Loves Elmo

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