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Thursday, June 7, 2012

40 weeks

How far along? 40 Weeks

Stretch marks? A few below my belly botton. I think it looks horriable, but Lyell assures me it does not look bad. I think he is just trying to get brownie points and its working. But to be honest, I have seen much much worse.

Sleep:  I have been super tired this week, so I have been sleeping pretty well. Lyell keeps telling me I sound like I am dying with a weird hyperventilating snore.

Best moment this week: Being so close. We have a plan in place, so I am now just trying to calmly wait for apple's arrival. I went to the doctor on Tuesday and after our little meeting he asked if I had time to do a quick ultrasound. Umm...Yes! We measured her and the guesstimated weight at the moment was 8lbs 10oz. The ultrasound tech keep trying to get her to move. I coughed, rolled both ways and poked her and she was not budging. So the lady asked if she could shock her. Shock her? I guess? So the tech pulled out this buzzer and shocked my belly for just a second. AND there Apple went! I personally thought it was cute. I don't know what kind of mother that makes me.

Anything making you queasy or sick: No, but the coffee this has not changed :) And yes, Lyell has gotten a new coffee maker. In fact, its nicer than the little red one he had.

Name: You know the drill. I have no clue.

Gender: Girl

Belly Button in or out? In

Wedding rings on or off? Off

Miss Anything? Bonnaroo. LOL. I have never been. Every year there has been something that prevents me from going. I guess this "something" is a good reason.

Movement: Just small rolls. She has been nice and quiet the past couple of days.

Food cravings: Chinese Food. No joke, I have had it three times already this week. Don't put it pass me to want it for dinner tonight.

Labor Signs: Nothing. Her head is down but that's about it. 

Happy or Moody most of the time: Happy and Ready!

Looking forward to: Her arrival. I feel like these questions have obvious answers. Hello! I am ready to go!

Random Side Items: Last week Lyell started complaining about a tooth ache. So he went to the dentist finding out he needs not one but two root canals and now. So they are finishing up his first root canal today (yeah, like my due date). We were joking that my water would break and Lyell would be all doped up which would leave me to carry him out to our car and drive myself to the hospital battling the CMA Fest traffic (kinda like Father of the Bride Part II).

Also, something I don't think I have mentioned that I want to remember when looking back at this. This entire pregnancy has prevented me to go to any and all concerts. Bought Theophilus London tickets in Atlanta and found out that week that I had to get a prescription for the first trimester that cost 500 bucks a month... decided not to spend the money and time off work to go down there. Bought Justice tickets. Freakin Justice and I was super excited. Two co-workers had to take off the week of the concert and no one could take off (we only have 8 employees, so having two gone is a noticeable difference). Aziz came and went...got tickets and somehow we just didn't go. Then came M83 and I just couldn't do it. At that point my legs and feet were too swollen. So, tonight on the BIG DUE DAY I have purchased tickets to go see prometheus at midnight with Lyell and Gale. Lets see if the streak continues.

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