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Friday, August 28, 2015

Ellie sayings 2015

This will probably make little or no sense to anyone but our immediate family. But they are also unforgettably funny and I don't ever want to forget these sweet sayings.

"How was your good day?"

"You got a special treat for me or supin'?" -everytime I pick her up from school

"Hey mom, I wipe so so good!" -when she has gone to the bathroom and she doesn't not want me to check and rewipe her. 

Bedtime ritual:
"I need two...five more books for my bed"
"I need some ice water"
"I read a book for you?"
"Lay with me two more minutes"
"My tummy hurts real bad"
"My ice not freeze in my cup". (Ice has melted)
Me: "ellie, if I have to come in here one more time your pink light gets turned off" knowing that is the ultimate punishment, she falls down on her pillow in defeat and in a teenage, eye rolling voice says "OKAY"

Eating dinner with Nanny and YaYa one Monday night, Nanny starting telling us how such a good girl Ellie was for her over the weekend. Ellie responded questions "where was I a good girl, in the kitchen or supin'?"

"Up Town Funky Butt"

"Win is so stinky"

"When I was in your belly, was I in the blood or just under your shirt?"

She has several questions about heaven and people passing away. I have always thought I would be very open and honest with her but death can be a scary thing...even for adults. This mostly comes her figuring out that mommy works at papa's funeral home. She has asked about cemeteries, services, how people die and "cemetery beds" (caskets). I try to be very vague and mostly "the circle of life" with my answers. So one day while driving in the car...
Ellie: " They sky is so blue and pretty but i cant see heaven yet"
Me: "You cant see it baby but its there and its beautiful too"

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