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Saturday, May 11, 2013

Sweet Little Nothings: 11 Months

11 Month stats and stories:

21.6 lbs ~ 18 months clothes 

You like to pick at my eyelashes and dads beard. For a while now. Recently you pick at yours (eyelashes, not beard). Proof: Here {Side note: This freaks me out. Should I get her to stop? I want her to have some eyelashes by the time she wants to put on mascara}

You have 6 teeth. I see no signs of anymore coming in at the moment.

You point to everything. Which then makes us want to play ET finger with you.

You are "cruising". On the couch and with a walker. There are quick moments of standing up unassisted, then we realized and ...plop.

You love to dance.

We let you watch Yo Gabba Gabba on special occasions (or when I need to accomplish something immediately and I am by myself). You love all the little characters and  you get really serious when Mark's Magic Pictures segment comes on.

A basic conversation as of late:
Me: "Say Mama"
Elliott: "blah ba ba"
Me: "Say Daddy"
Elliott: "DaDa"
Me: "Good Job! Say mama"
Elliott: "Dada DAD Dada da da da da"

Words you can say:

"ights" (Lights) <--- First Word! Watch HERE. Elliott, you love lights. You immediately point them out when we walk into a new room, you love all toys that light up, and your new favorite is a wand that lights up. This has been an obsession since birth. (Go back and read here when I talk about the light show). We have no idea what this means for you? Light Designer for cinematography??? Light Bulb salesman? Technician for concert stages? Got for it!!! 

"ba ba" (Bye-Bye, birds, bugs)

"Da Da" (Yep Dad-man won the old "what name will your kid say first" contest that all parents do)


  You turned 11 months on my first Mother's Day!! I read the other day that mommy's that are still pregnant have the best mothers day...they get to hold there baby all day! That maybe true, but I will take you at this age over any month. You just learned how to give me kisses...big-ole-open-mouth-slobbery-baby kisses! I couldn't ask for a better present than that (well maybe saying my name first, but whatevs). You are the song in my heart and I thank you from the deepest corners of that heart for making me a mom. Eleven months old... I think I must have blinked.

Love you bug,

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