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Friday, May 3, 2013


I cried after work yesterday. On the way to pick up Elliott. A ugly "Teen Mom Farrah" cry. Its that moment when nothing in the world is going right. I could have stayed at work til midnight each night this week but my heart was hunched over screaming at me to leave and go get my girl. Just a measly 24 hours after we finished the third round of antibiotics for ear infections; I hear the news "she is not herself today". Defeat. On so many levels. I love my job and felt the pull to stay at work and finish all the tasks that were urgently staring me in the face. When you work for family, I think there is this extra added pressure. Pressure for wanting your business to succeed...actually, more like NOT fail while its in your hands. But by yesterday, the stress was lite on both ends of the candle. Ellie has a viral infection now and I rushed to my moms to find out her fever had risen to 103.8 degrees. Eek  I did not want to come into work today. Sigh. I cuddled with Ellie early this morning while she drank her morning bottle and then meet my mom and went on in to work. I know it will never get easier, but I am so ready for this weekend its no joke.

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