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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Not Smoking

So, at the end of week one of not smoking...it defiantly is still painful. It really isn't something I even wanted to do...but it is something that I NEED to do. Lyell and I went to a specialty doctor that really laid down the law if we want to continue to see him (which I want because he is the best). He prescribe us some Wellbutrin to help with the anxiety and stress of it all.  

To think I have been smoking for 11 years kinda grosses me out. It been this thing I have done for so long, I guess I never stepped back and evaluated how unattractive it really is. I made a quick collage of some random pictures I found of me smoking (I am sure there are a ton more)...

So to my friend of 11 years...I have enjoyed you to the fullest. You have given me friends that I might not have ever meet if I wasn't standing outside in the freezing cold or in the hot HOT heat. You have been there after every meal, every car ride, every concert, every vacation, every stressful situations, every late night college talks with my girls... every big event. I am turning 30 this year and it would be nice to started it off in the right step. So goodbye my friend....I will surely miss you.

Random Highlights of the Week:  We tried giving ourselves a constant sugar high, walked at the greenway for hours because its the one thing we do that doesn't consist of smoking, we have yelled at each other for the stupidest thing and then laughed about, Lyell had a house wife breakdown and lets just say I never want a blowpop again...

To be honest, another thing that really helped Lyell and myself make the decision was the new FDA labels that will be coming out on cigarette packs. I think it was a great move...it made me think twice after seeing this...

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  1. Wow. That's quite a post, Katherine. You should be doing a column in a newspaper or magazine! You are so talented.