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Monday, January 5, 2015

Christmas 2014

One of my favorite Christmas presents this year, is that we were all healthy for the month of December (minus the staph infection Lyell had). With the flu hitting everyone around us super hard, I'm still pretty shocked it never creeped into our house. This year our elf,  Elfie, was in full force. She would come back every morning and sometimes bringing gifts if the kiddos were extra good. Though Lyell and I were a little bummed that Elfie wasn't much of a bargaining tool as we had hoped. Ellie received an advent calendar with little chocolates for each day from Church. She felt so proud bringing her calendar to me every day reminding me that Win did not have one. 
So Christmas has come and gone; it's another year of feeling blessed by both our families. We must have been nice sometime during this crazy year to receive such love. It was tight for us financially, but we had fun coming up with some art projects Ellie could give to some of the relatives. 
Christmas Eve, was fun just lounging around. And Lyell and I kept looking at each other almost as excited as ellie. I should start Christmas days with a little side note. Ellie is still in a toddler bed and still doesn't get out of it by herself (except that one sleepwalking incident). Even at naptime she yells out to us that she is awake...And we remind her that she can literally get out of bed by herself. So neither of us thought about giving her the "stay in bed until mom and dad are ready Christmas morning" speech. But we totally should have. I heard my door creek open and shut a few minutes after 5am. I laid there a few minutes trying to wake up Lyell and then decided to go out. And there she was, already picking around at Santa's presents. 

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