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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Two Years..Too Fast

You love to tickle.

Can say 100+ words

You can say several three word sentences.

When you wake up in the mornings, you pop right up and grab all the lovies and blankets that you collected in the night and are ready for breakfast almost immediately. There maybe a 45 second window of cuddling time, but then you are off.

You can say our names. You yell out "lyell" when you need your daddy. I have no idea where you got that from :)

You love baby dolls and helping mommy and daddy with everything.

So long toddler utensils!! Everything has to be a big girl cups, big girl bowls and big girl spoons.

Everything has to be blue. Even things that don't exist. Yep. Blue ones!!

You love your teachers. Always talking about Jessica, Carol and Candice. Now that there is "water day" at school you sit by the front door in your bathing suit yelling out "Come on Daddy, come on".

You do not like getting in trouble. You puff up and stick that bottom lip out with a look on your face that I have to turn around to laugh at.

You love helping Dad make his coffee.

Jumping is your go to dance move.

Yo Gabba Gabba because you first obsession. There was a point in time, you would wake up saying " I watch Brobee". I even Googled if toddlers can get obsessed with ipads. Turns out, YES they can. So we took steps into weening you off and now Brobee is almost a thing of the past. Almost. You still love listening to the music which I have learned to tune out pretty well.

We let you watch your first movie the other day. I gave you several options (pictures) of different Disney movies we could buy off iTunes. You decided on The Little Mermaid. I think its because you have some mermaids in your bedroom. So we streamed it  and you said "Oh wow, mermaids". Watched about 5 minutes and were no longer interested. We kept it on because I hadn't seen it since I was a little girl and you might have looked up a few more times but wrapping your dolls up in your old baby blankets was top priority.

You want to be a big girl so very bad...but love to wear baby Win's diapers. And yes you can wear them He is already in a 3 and you are in a 4. Watch out cause I think he will catch up with you faster than you can boss him around.

You bring me and your dad so much joy Ellie. This is my favorite age by far. Seeing you learn and copy everything I say has been a joy. (Its the thing you imagine when wanting to become a mom.) You have exceeded all my expectations of motherhood. I wouldn't trade you for the moon...or candy.

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