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Sunday, October 20, 2013

Sunday Session: Gold Balloon {ba-wooon}

Today is the first day that Elliott Annabelle Sloan said Mommy...not papa, not mmmmmm, not shake her head no when I ask to say my name...a real Mommy. This also started a teenage-acting, 
make funny faces because Mommy is trying to take pictures, Elliott Annabelle Sloan. 
I guess I cant have it all {though I know I do}. 

Monday, October 14, 2013

Shriner's Circus

Being a daughter of a Shriner (Past-Potentate to be more snoody about it)...The Shrine Circus was a must every year for our family. I hope its a tradition with our kids as well. Aunt Laura and Uncle B came with, which was nice to corner Ellie in up top. She loved it. Not scared of anything, she would even squeal and would run up to the clowns. My Dad brought his motorcycle and rode with the MotorCore...this was the only thing that confused and kinda scared Ellie. Why was papa wearing a weird hat?

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Fun Filled Saturday

Oh, how I love fall. Its really my favorite time of year...and all the colors go very well with red hair and freckles. We have a jam packed October, so thank goodness Ellie is an on-the-go kinda girl. First up was Honeysuckle Hill farm and met up with the Gruvers. How bad is it of me to just now have a day with Latisha? Having her back in town is sooo nice. Though I will admit our daily conversations have turned into weekly rushing to pick up the kids 10 minute phone calls. Oh well, its life. But We had a blast playing and picking out pumpkins. When you leave there with sand and corn in your shoes...you know you had a perfect day.

Nexted up...Oktoberfest. After nap, we decided to hit the road and walk around in Germantown. Enjoyed some hot pretzels and cool lederhosen outfits. It was pretty packed, so afterwards we let Ellie run around in Bicentennial Park until sunset. 

Happy Fall Ya'll!

Monday, October 7, 2013

Family Outing

This last week was something to get use to...Lyell has added another night of school during the week. I thought nothing of it when I first knew of the addition. It wasn't until Thursday night, that I missed him BAD. Rekindling was much needed. So we were very thankful for a beautiful Saturday morning to spend together. We got to Cheekwood right when they opened which was nice because there were about 5 other cars there and no one in sight. We had most of it to ourselves...for a few minutes anyway. After a great lunch together, Ellie spent the night with Nanny & Papa. That left an adult night to just Lyell and I. A movie and then sushi at 10pm...it was like 10 years ago (with more yawns).