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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

15 Months


I had decided to not do monthly letters to you any longer (obviously since its been three months). Mainly because our days are busy and filled with big girl activities. With baby brother on the way, I didn't want to put to many musts on my list. But my sweet little Elliott, you have been pretty dang funny lately. I wanted to update the world on your silly Ellie type things. You have grown leaps-n-bounds since our 12 month post and each day is such a blessing with you. Love you bug.

In your new classroom, the first things we do is wash our hands. You know immediately to walk over to the little sink and scrub up. This had gotten you obsessed with washing your hands. We keep a step later by the kitchen sink know so we can wash our hands multiple time.

You love to tickle people. Which really consist of doing this shuffle dance, arms stuck out like a zombie, and rambling "ticka, ticka ticka". Bentley runs away immediately when the tickler in you comes out. You even tried to tickle a random boy in the mall the other day.

You have always loved books. Recently you have been able to sit longer and let me read several books to you. Your favorite is the Brown Bear books, and coincidentally they are my least favorite books. So, I have to grimace and read it over and over again. You also love to look at them yourself and pretend you are reading by yourself.

Your first Princess Party. You were Cinder-Ellie. Your Nanny made the dress (of course)!

You get "no" and "yes" mixed up...a lot lately. Me: "Ellie would you like a snack" Ellie (shacking head no): "Yessssss". And the tantrums have started...

Still love music. Here is a video I shared of you on facebook the other day.

You are starting to sing with me. Here is a video of you singing "old mcdonald" in the bathtub.

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