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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Sweet Little Nothings: 9 Months

Dear Elliott~
    We had your check up today and your stats are in! 20.2 lbs (80%), 92% for that big gold brain of yours and 56% in height. Personality is off the charts.  3/4 of the way through your first year and really not that many bumps in the road (even though you literally just threw up in your bed when I was writing this). I could just pinch you and hug you forever. I feel like I have known you my whole life and yet its only been a few awesome months. I am so lucky to be your mother and I hope your say the same about me (though probably not, if you happen to be reading this in your teenage years).

You are crawling up a storm. Though sometimes you do this weird cock-a-leg crawl. You think you are going so much faster by doing this. You just look weird.

Nicknames: Ellie, Elle, Bug, Crazy Lady

Pulling up on anything and everything. Upside: You are so proud of yourself and jibber-jabber til the cows come home. Downside: You cant figure out how to sit down. So you either stand there til someone comes and gets you or there is some whimpering involved.

Your wave is kinda a heil Hitler kinda wave. Cute Hitler.

I kinda would do about anything to have a better exposure with these next group of pictures. Though, I am just glad I captured the identical Sloans doing their thing.

Favorite Foods: Apple Spinach for breakfast and Sweet Potato & Turkey for dinner

Favorite Past Time: Taking off socks and chewing on shoes

We have started getting a few bumps and bruises. But letting you explore is so magical to watch.

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