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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

And then there were none...

Over the weekend, Mike graduated from college. So, that's it... All four of us have made it through, and now I have no clue what my father will complain about now that college tuition is not top on the list. :) So proud of Mikey  Charles Michael Robinson. He graduated a little early because he has a pretty awesome opportunity to work during this years legislative session before going off to law school (or at least that's the plan anyways). I was a little nervous about the road trip up there because Ellie can sometimes throw a major hissy fit in the car. Thankfully,  it being a school day for her...she conked out and didn't even flinch until we got off the Knoxville ramp. HELLO! Super awesome. Though it was short 24 hours, it was nice weather, great food and lots of laughs. We stayed at the same hotel as Gales graduation and I didn't get a weird foot fungus this time. Two toes up! 

Though it was a happy occasion for my family. The event that also was happening in Sandy Hook CT is beyond any words for me. I have seen a lot of comments and fingers pointed in all directions. I just don't have any words. I don't have any solutions. And I don't have enough prayers to comfort the hurt in this tragedy. So to my little Ellie, I am sorry you live in a place that these stories exist. I am sorry there is evil in this mad mad mad world. My sweet Ellie, evil does exist. But evil doesn't have to win. Always be the good and see the good in others. Love everyone. You might never know how you could have changed someones life by being the happy spirit that God puts in us.

Hope everyone has a Happy Holiday Spirit Kinda Day!

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