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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Sashes & Sophie

So my interest in Pinterest has grown into an everyday obsession. I had ran across some cute maternity sashes. Thought they would be super cute for pictures, Laura's showers or my baby shower. However the price was a little too much for something I should be able to make on my own (I mean, I didn't work at Joann's so 6 years for nothing).

Here was my favorite and a pretty penny price of $135.00 ~Really~ Double check me here.
Maternity Sash...Maternity Belt.....Rosette Sash...Rosette Belt...Womens Belt...red..blue..yellow..orange...pola dot...RETROCHIC

So after going to Joann's twice, Here are my little sashes that I made for a little less than 50 bucks. I could have done better price wise, but everything I wanted was not on sale and I didn't have a coupon. I was still pretty proud of myself all around. Now, if I will just wear them.

I haven't really figured out how or why I love this little giraffe so much. But it was something I would keep talking about ... every time I would see it in photos, it would make me smile so much. My sweet sister surprised me by buying little Sophie for her niece. I was delighted to add it to our little collection if things for little miss no name. 

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