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Monday, December 26, 2011

June Bug...a post I wrote over two months ago!

I'm not quite sure what I even want to write. I am not writing this for anyone else, just for myself and my family. So here it goes... October 2, 2011

I wanted mine and Lyell's love to be enough. Enough to show the world, and though it has taken its time... Our love will now be shown a whole other way. Still very hesitantly excited about this recent change. We still have several tests and hurtles...but for now we are over the moon. I have decided that, YES, I could worry myself (and for good reason) or I can enjoy each moment I have right now. 
So I am taking the latter and running with it.

 I havent decided if I am going to answer myself in redundant questions each week/months. Like "Is your belly button in or out?" I dont feel like answering that question 40 times and I sure the 5 people that read this will be happy I dont. But I would like to write down a few things that has happened over the last few day.

My first test I took was Wednesday(4days before the Dr. told me to), Lyell had already left for work early to study. I cant stand to go long periods of time when I have valuable information to tell him...I waited just a little while so he could study and then made the call. Lyell's Reaction "But you weren't going to test till Saturday?" Owww, Lyell!!!
 By Thursday I had told my mother....she was just as excited as I thought she would be. And I kinda needed it because I wasn't letting my self get excited at all. By Friday Lyell and I has told some close friends that knew what we had been going through. I am still waiting til next week, for all my betas to come in. After that I will starting planning out this "Junebugs" entire life :)

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