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Sunday, April 10, 2011


Lyell and I decided to go to Knoxville to visit my brothers. Every time I see them, I realize how much I do miss them both. Though there is a age difference between us, I can truly say that they are good friends of mine. I am very blessed that all four of us are closer than most siblings. We just stayed Friday night because Mike has a lead role in a movie down there (super exciting, right?) and I had a mother/daughter tea to to attend with my mom and Larz today.

We ate at Knoxville's Brewery & I found a great boutique in the square that I need to remember for unique birthday presents ideas. Lyell, Gale and myself went to the movies and then kinda ran into the Rossini Festival, so we walked around and laughed at some super random people there.

Here are some fun pictures... though I wish there was one of me demolishing my toes walking the terrain (also known as the sidewalks of Knoxville). 

PS...My Flowers are dying because I forget to water them (like at all). Next project is to water my plants and get ready for Easter. I found several cute ideas and hopefully will follow through since I have already started buying...

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