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Monday, February 7, 2011

Testing... 1 2 3

I have not really decided on exactly what I will be doing, saying or how much I will even post. But after spending countless hours on other blogs lurking into other peoples lives, ideas and suggestive superior opinions...I thought I should start documenting my little life, thoughtless ideas and obvious superior opinions.

First on the list...I love throwing parties (they don't even have to be my own). I guess after working at a wedding chapel for years and spending hours decorating hundreds of weddings...it just is in my nature. I figure this will be an on going theme. Plus, I really wanting to figure out how to upload the right size for my images. So here it is.... one of my favorite little bridal showers I did last year for my cousin's fiancé (now wife)...

Chairs & Linens : Grand Central Party Rental
Personalized Peiti Fours: Becker's Bakery
Centerpieces and Menus: Made by Moi

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