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Friday, February 21, 2014

Edwin: One Week Old

One week in. Things I have Learned the second time around....

1. Best Valentine's Day to date. I have never been a huge Valentines person but now I might just be hooked.

7. How different everything can be, like your delivery. Ellie was a relatively quick labor but I pushed for almost two hours. With Win I was stuck at four centimeters for most of the day, but only pushed through four contractions and less than 18 minutes. Most of the pushes the doctor and nurses told me to stop half way through.

13. Ellie head is still the 99% {which is probably why I push forever and a day with her}. Thinking this next kiddo would have a similar head circumference I thought I was prepared by buying big beanies...so not the case!! 40% head looks swallowed up by one of the only hats that would fit Ellie. His little peanut head so freakin' cute.

22. The bond I saw straight from the start with Elliott and Edwin amazes me. The innate love they have for each other goes beyond anything Lyell and I could have taught her. Ellie adores her brother and wants to help in every way. She gives him hugs and kisses at her own will and wants him so badly to love pacifiers as much as she does. Love can not be taught Ladies and Gentlemen, love burst through in our hearts and written all over our faces. Just look at Ellie's face when seeing her new best friend for the first time.

Photo Credit: Brooke Kelly Photography

31. Lyell's names always Win out. {pun intended}

55. These boys. They have a hold their mothers like nothing else....

57. Win is seriously so laid back. So much like Lyell. The squeals of his big sister, the barking of the dog, phone calls, dance parties, they have no effect on our little sleepy man.

78. Whoever said boys diapers are much easier...are liars! A week in and I am still fumbling around in no mans land....or... in man-parts land.

99. Its true what they say, your heart grows bigger and bigger.

100. My favorite moment all week: Ellie was holding Win and he started fussing a little bit. She immediately said "Baby Paci, Baby Paci". Our response was the baby doesn't like pacifiers just yet. With out skipping a beat, Ellie then ask for her "Hoot, Hoot". Her favorite little lovie she cuddles with at night. The fact a 19 month old would share such a precious item...melted my heart.