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Monday, July 30, 2012

Few of my Favorite Things...

1. Pacifiers ~ There is no rhyme or reason to which one she likes. We have several brands and several styles..but she wants them! She cant seem to keep them in her mouth. Sometimes I just sit for (what feels like) hours sticking it back in her mouth over and over again. Is it child abuse to secretly want to tape the thing to her FACE? 

2. Playmat ~ Elliott laughs and kicks waving her arms around when playing in her gym. I guess all play gyms are similar but I like this one because you can move the pieces around to your liking and there are flashing lights that will mesmerize her for hours (OK, for about 10 minutes).

3. Mud Pie Socks~ Socks, really? Maybe this one is for me...but Elliott can not keep socks on to save her baby life. What is up with baby socks? They are short and fat and annoy me. There are two kinds of socks that will stay on this girls feet, Circo Newborn and Mud Pie socks. Latisha gave Elliott her first pair and it a top on my list to purchase even more. They sale them at Lizards and Lace or little boutiques. 

4. Her Favorite Toys~ So obviously I am just taking a stab in the dark to what she really likes. These two darling toys are noisy and she laughs at them. Sophie the Giraffe makes me smile myself...here is a little video of why I love her so. The rainmaker was a present from Elliott's Aunt Lana so I am not quit sure where she got it but it should be on everyone's gift list.

5. Bath Time ~ Elliott loves taking baths and just being in the water. We have even done two baths in one day just because it calms her so much. Today she even was opening her mouth trying to drink the water Lyell was pouring on her. Crazy thing!!!

6. Rock N Play~ This is her bed for the time being. I have read the recalls and I personally don't care what others say. She loves it, I feel comfortable with her sleeping in it, it helps with her reflux and she sleeps longer in it than any other place (well maybe my arms). We are doing one nap a day in her crib, so we will make it to her room when we are both ready. 

7. Aden + Anais Swaddle Blankets ~ I feel like these are everywhere now and THEY SHOULD BE. I have several different kinds, but the basic muslin swaddles from Target are my favorite. They are so light weight and it leaves no one with sweaty arms and heads. I also purchased the expensive bamboo ones that are only sold in specialty stores (I got mine at Pickles and Ice Cream). They are ow so soft but too pricey in my opinion.

That's all for now...

Saturday, July 28, 2012


We finally ordered birth announcements and FINALLY mailed them off. Even going to the post office is an ordeal..blessed to even say that though. There was a time when I thought I might not ever say that; so I am thankful for every "mommy ordeal" I have.

What I finally decided on and designed myself (pictures were taken by Brooke Kelly).

I had not posted any of the other Brooke Kelly images because I wanted the announcements to not be beaten into the ground so to speak. Lyell and I could not have be happier and worth every penny (well, worth the grandparents pennies). There were over 100 but here are some of are favorites that were not on Brooke's Blog.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Foodie Staycation

Lyell had off this past week, so I was hoping for a quicky vacation. Between me taking all my vacation time to extend my maternity leave and Lyell starting his 2nd year of law school in two weeks, there will be no more opportunities to go anywhere. So last week, I "kind of" looked online to a driveable destination. With Elliott still hating being in the car, still figuring out how I would pump during this drive, and the weather stating thunderstorms all week..I was feeling defeated. I guess it also came down to my laziness, but we decided to just have a staycation. 

A foodie staycation.

Lyell and I love the Food Network. We have seen every Top Chef and almost every Chopped. I love watching all the neat little hole-in-the-wall places/ mom and pop restaurants and there specialty items. Lyell suggested this week for us to go to all the popular Nashville restaurants that we have never been too. We tend to stick with our favorites and never venture out. And considering me being a picky eater, we do love everything: Chinese, Japanese, Indian, Thai, ect, ect... There was a huge list of places I wanted to go, but it came down to dealing with a newborn, getting her out several times a day and I felt like we were wearing her out.

The Pharmacy: I love East Nashville restaurants. I love Mitchell's, The Village Pub, Marche Artian, RosePepper, Battered & Fried, Beyond the Edge and the list goes on. Since I work in East Nashville, we have almost hit all the local places...except the Pharmacy. With all the buzz, it was first on the list.

It was really wonderful. I had the Pharmacy Burger with cold pasta salad and Lyell got the cheese burger with sweet potato fries and we split a orange soda. We both agree a night out with friends at their picnic tables under the lights hanging from their trees would be grand. Who is in?

Pancake Pantry: So sad to say I had never been there. With the line that  always wraps around the building, it is so intimidating. Our line was not too terrible and we got in relatively quick. We both love breakfast food (especially for dinner) so it was hard deciding on what to get. I got the silver dollar pancakes and hash browns. Lyell got the orange walnut pancakes with a big bowl of fruit. Ellie had a big bottle of milk. It was so yummy. I don't think I can look at Waffle House the same now and can totally see myself standing in that long line again, rain or shine.


Hip Donelson Farmer's Market: I randomly found out this was happening for the first time this past Friday, so it was put on my list (plus its close to the house and a quick drive for our anti-traveler). There was live music and a small area of vendors selling local fruits and veggies along with some local food trucks.  Dixie Belle's Cupcakes was my main reason for wanting to go.  I know one of the owners so I was excited to finally get a chance to taste the yumminess. And it was!!! If you know me, you know how much I  loveGigi's Cupcakes and rarely want anything else. I have a new love :) Lyell raved about his two choices: Blackberry Summer and Toffee Crunch Chocolate cupcake. The plain Jane me picked: Simple Vanilla and Chocolate Birthday. The cake was so moist and I can not wait to try them again. This is something you must try too...they say they will be at the Donelson Farmer's Market next Friday from 4-7...you should most defiantly swing by after work.

Cottage Cafe: I didn't take any photos of the food, which is a shame because it is such a quaint place. Being a antique shop and cafe rolled into one, its a great girly lunch visit (and boys when boys are off work). Please go try the Lemon Artichoke soup...I cant tell you how delicious this is.

So that is it :( I have a long list that we will continue to try. It was also a good test of understanding how going out to eat will with a little one can be tricky. Elliott was really great for the most part. Once we are out of the house and car, she tends to do very well and loves to look at her surroundings (or just really likes ceiling fans). 

So whats your favorite place to eat? 

I would have to say Mitchell's Deli is my still favorite at the moment. I have been eating there for a while (or back when there was no long line). They use all local items and they have the best bacon. Like literally! They use Benton's Bacon  from TN which have been voted best bacon by esquire magazine (random)!!!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Smocked Auctions...My New Kryptonite

I recently told my mother that I was a sad sad mother for not having a little bishop dress for Elliott. Some of you might not like the dressy look...actually, someone of you are probably surprised I like the look. They are just so innocent with that smocked dress on and over sized bow in their hair. I wish I could afford to buy all the dresses for Ellie to wear one every day...

So right after my mother and I talked about making a trek down to The Cottage in Franklin...I randomly find out that there are auctions that happen right on Facebook. How have I missed this corner of the Facebook Retail World (oh, maybe it was because I wasn't an all consumed mother back then). And when I say I have now found these fan sites...I mean, I instantaneously became a fan of a dozen yesterday. What is the attraction? On certain nights these sites host an "Auction" where they will post a photo of a smocked outfit and you have to write Sold, size, your email as fast as humanly possible, and cross your fingers you win. Its a huge savings with most outfits being about 50% off boutique shop prices. After looking through all of them, Smocked Auctions is my favorite. With over 86 thousand fans, I am not alone in this obsession either. So I saw their preview for Tuesday night...read every blog telling you how to win...sat at my computer right at 8:30 pm (actually getting a little nervous and excited).refeshed, resfreshed...refreshed
AND I  WON!!!!!!!
I actually won everything I bid on. From what I had read, this is kinda hard to do. I was so very excited, Lyell was making fun of me for being so excited. 

Here is picture of the cutest Christmas dress...notice the comments. I didn't have time to print screen when everything was going on but there were over 300 comments in less than 50 seconds when I was bidding.WOW...

And here are two comments that were on their page afterward. I felt victorious, and now obsessed.

But don't fret, Elliott won't be 100% girl...

So Moms, are there any other secret gems I need to know about? I am now off to learn how to make these giant bows :0

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Little Nothings: One Month

My little sweet Elliott is one month old.

 OK. So that was probably too many pictures. Its my blog, and I can upload if I want to. You would upload too, if Elliott belong to you (I kinda sung that in my head). The little dress was given to us by her Aunt Lana from their recent travels to Greece. So I keep calling Ellie my little Greek goddess :)

  • has started focusing on our faces.
  • is a tad colic. We have been prescribed medication, though have only used it three times. So I am leaning toward that she just needs to have a good crying spell.
  • is enjoying tummy time more and more each day.
  • still hates having a dirty diaper. I don't think she will ever have diaper rash because she insists we change her diaper ASAP.
  • hates riding in the car
  • listens to Beethoven or Nine Inch Nails in the car...still hates riding in the car.  
  • looks at Bentley but has no clue what she is looking at. 
  • is now taking a pacifier (passy, binky). This was something she was not interested in at all. My mother was insistant on it, and she was right. Once Elliott figured out what passy suited her, it really helps with that innate need to suck. She still loves to suck on her arm and still sounds like Maggie from the Simpsons. 
  • grunts...like a lot! We have to really look at her in the middle of the night to see of she is awake or if she is having a grunting ninja fight in her sleep.
  • still has weird dark ear hair...I am going to kinda miss it when it all falls out.
  • My favorite song to listen/sing while nursing....Now I feel like Lyell and Taylor are thinking that I am literally months and months behind because she was cool like two years ago in their minds...but I am kinda obsessed with her at the moment...maybe its the name

  • I have had my highs and lows... I now understand how people can get depressed. This might make me sound horrible, but I want to be honest in saying that I love my daughter but there are hormones flying everywhere and I am just as clueless as this green little human. I don't have postpartum, I just have my moments of needing to take an extra breath or two. The past couple of days, I have started pumping and started a schedule. We are working on it....
  • I think Elliott is hilarious. Bias? Yes! But I cant keep falling more and more in love with my little "Ellie Bellie"
  • Which brings me to her name and nicknames: Elliott, Ellie, E, Elle, Ellie Bellies, Ellie Mae(Papa), Ells Bells(Laura), Scratcherman, and thrasher (the last two we don't even know how to explain how they came to be).

Here are some recent iphone photos:

Loving some dad beard

 Walking at Moss Wright with Aunt Lo

We love when dad comes home from work.

Learning to smile

Finally fell asleep like this...and then never again

Doctors Visit...We love Doctor White!

 Our very first mom milk bottle. Grandmother gave it to Elliott and she took it like it aint no thing.
Loves to suck on her arm

  Elliott loves her changing table. We spend A LOT of time hanging out there. So I decided to just bring the changing table to the computer room. It worked longer than I thought.

 Still working on that smile.

Hanging out with Stephanie...they are already gossiping about mommy.